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Reviewed Notion Templates

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Gideon kibet

The UGC Content Planning OS by Edun Kerry is a must have for agencies and UGC creators. Having used it I can attest to its importance in planning content.It is a one stop page for all your business needs. Loved it !

UGC content planner for agencies

Michael Angelo

Great Template

Ultimate Book Tracker

Ni𝕏i | Notion For Crypto

One of the best book trackers out there!

Ultimate Book Tracker

Cal Day Ham

This template is crazy, so much value for $49, it's basically 10 amazing templates in a single template, to run your entire business, for $49. If you are a trainer and don't have a platform that's working, or have a mediocre notion template right now. Get this. I've bought notion templates for 4x the price with less functionality.

Pro Coach - Personal Trainer Client Manager


Gym OS is the ultimate gym companion for beginners and pros alike. Plan your workouts, track your gains, and crush your fitness goals like never before! Impressive work by Matthew

Gym OS

Andrew Turnbull

This is an exceptionally well-done template. Simple, but with all the options one could want. Wish I discovered it sooner!

Body Transformation Pro


Most Notion templates suck because of how complicated they are. People who are busy don’t have the time to understand all your “novel” features. Keep. It. Simple. Thanks OJ.

Solopreneur Routine OS


This is such a fantastic, easy-to-use, modern, and practical template for managing content. It can also be easily customized to fit other purposes. Overall, I couldn't be happier. Nice design, clean and useful views, 100% recommended.

Content Planner Lite


Great template, Very useful.

Monthly Planner


There ain't no need to complicate planning the month with all the aestethics. Simple templates work just as well! Love it!

Monthly Planner


Awesome template, love the simplicity, really well done.

Monthly Planner


Man I have to say, I've worked on custom templates with Matt and no matter the request, he ALWAYS did everything I asked. Not only was he able to create exactly what I wanted but his templates for sale are easy to use, minimalistic, and rich in features which scream with originality—great guy, easy to work with and nothing but a pleasure to be around. Highly recommend!

Student OS

John Drexter

If you use Notion as your Second Brain, this is the ultimate template and guide to implement my PARA system

Building a Second Brain 2.0

Ava Lee

I'm quite fascinated by how this template is structured, It is a game-changer! Helping me to make a clear structure for my tasks, projects, and also daily productivity. Must recommend for developers!" - Ava Lee (Software Engineer)

Ultimate Productivity Tool for Developers


Well organized & simple, I can't wait to use this as part of my central hub!

Get Sh*t Done 2.0


Amazing Template <3

Get Sh*t Done 2.0


This Sh*it is so useful for me!

Get Sh*t Done 2.0



Get Sh*t Done 2.0



Get Sh*t Done 2.0


Really helps me to get focused with my ADHD.

Get Sh*t Done 2.0


Man I have to say, I've worked on custom templates with Matt and no matter the request, he ALWAYS did everything I asked. Not only was he able to create exactly what I wanted but his templates for sale are easy to use, minimalistic, and rich in features which scream with originality—great guy, easy to work with and nothing but a pleasure to be around. Highly recommend!

Money Sensei (Finance Tracker)


Great work. Well designed. Cool. Thank you for your services.

College Dashboard


Thank you for your college template! I am studying at Cornell University and this has been incredibly helpful for organizing notes and to-dos :)

College Dashboard


"Well organized & simple, I can't wait to use this as part of my central hub!"

Get Sh*t Done | Notion Template

Kelly G.

Very easier to use. Help me to manage my finances.



Great template that helps me to organize all my stuff. Great design. 100% recommended.

Building a Second Brain 2.0


Super simple layout, helps me track my high energy & low energy tasks & even lets me integrate a database from my external hubs! I highly recommend using this as it helps me understand what I can & can't accomplish in my routine during the day.

Energy OS


amazing work

Sticky Notes


Incredible! Thank you.

Sticky Notes


Simple and super useful 😁

Sticky Notes

M. Baser

I recently had the pleasure of using the Couple's Planner Template, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for my partner and I. The layout is intuitive and beautifully designed, making it easy for us to organize our schedules, set mutual goals, and plan our future adventures together.

2024 Couple's Planner


I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't comfortable purchasing the Second Brain 2.0. But when I saw the offer and bonuses that are given with template it encouraged me to purchase it. And without going into details of the great value it gives This is the only template I need in 2024.

Ultimate Brains bundle 📈


I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't comfortable purchasing the Second Brain 2.0. But when I saw the offer and bonuses that are given with template it encouraged me to purchase it. And without going into details of the great value it gives This is the only template I need in 2024.

Notion Special Bundle


Osama's templates are really complete and simple. I recommend them to anyone looking to gain productivity and save time with Notion.

Finance Brain


Wonderful template that will be good for working productivity.

ContentOS 2.0

Lorena Lee

Wonderful template that will be good for working productivity.

Daily Wins

Sair McKee

This template is gold⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kudos to you for such a comprehensive home management template, you've included it all. Thank you for the time & effort you have put in to building the template. A super-handy home management template for any & all homes. I look forward to seeing the impact at my home, turning chaos into order. You've got all bases covered. Congratulations on the launch, enjoy the ride it's well-deserved.

Notion ultimate home manager


In awe of Blues' Soft aesthetic set. I tried Migraine mapper first and then came back for their library template. I love that it is a really calming theme. I can reorganize my bookshelf now.

Soft Aesthetic Library

Ronaldinho Gaúcho

I love this Notion template! It's amazing how it helps keep all my tasks organized and manageable. With the template, I can easily plan my projects, set goals, and monitor my progress. It's very easy to use and customize for my specific needs. I definitely recommend this template to anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to manage their projects and tasks.

Second Brain

Toya Takasaka

This template is by far the best one I've ever seen. It is clean, easy-to-understand for Notion beginners like myself, and implements the P.A.R.A. technique. Ever since I started tracking my schoolwork and my daily life, I noticed I became much more efficient. It is highly customizable too - you can move things around and add some features to your own liking. So if you are deciding whether to buy this or not, go buy it - this is the REAL deal.

Second Brain

Rosma Linda

Easy to use template, this Ultimate financial health OS is so comprehensive in managing my finances! Totally beyond my expectations Recommended 👍🏻

Ultimate Financial Health OS 2024


The Xtraordinary Content Forge template is what I need right now! It certainly helps me in organizing my thoughts and time on Twitter.

𝕏traordinary Content Forge (Twitter Content Planner)


This is a great template to follow PARA methodology and boost your productivity. Nice and minimalist.

PARA Method


The Creator Brain is what I was looking for, easy to use (with the video tutorial included) and I think that the price doesn't compare to the value. Would recommend it to any content creator

Creator Brain 3.0 🧠

One shot man

Second Brain 2.0 is a super-smart digital assistant for my thoughts. It helps me keep everything in one place, making my life way more organized and manageable. It's now my personal command center for productivity and creativity! Thanks for this amazing Notion planner and its like magic that you provided what I was looking for exactly 🚀🧠 Really recommended this Second Brain

Second Brain 2.0 🧠


Best Notion Second Brain I have ever used and seen, Lots of value and time saving that this template will give you when you use it at its full capability I would say this is going to save me YEARS. Plus the most completed Finance planner I ever used that comes with the template for Free‼ ️

Second Brain 2.0 🧠

Tarun Lochib

Great products & a good man. Keep up the good work Matthew. You're doing great.

Meal Planner & Macro Tracker

Melody Alex. Patrick

Really good Job! I will come back to you for other templates. Couldn't recommend enough Matthew's work.

Habit Streaker


Most people who want to get into cryptocurrencies feel overwhelmed because there's no plan or where to to get started. Nixi has solved that problem for you!

Crypto Resources 350+


I am not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies and had no prior knowledge of how they could be used in the market. Thanks to Nixi and this Template, I gained several essential pieces of information that easily allowed me to better understand cryptocurrencies. I recommend this template to anyone, especially if you have no knowledge on this topic!

Crypto Resources 350+

Adrian g

I love how so much information about crypto as a whole has been added. If you know NOTHING about crypto then this is one of, if not the best place to find all the information you need!

Crypto Resources 350+

Amy Lise

Hey, thanks for making such a simple to use template, people usually complicate stuff for no particular reason, all you need for journaling trades is there.

Crypto Trading Journal

Olivier Antolin

I'm a busy person, so I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to trading, I usually swing trade and I usually forget what I traded. The template saved me a lot of headache, it is quick and easy to use, so I can fit it into my busy schedule. I'm seeing great results, even with my limited time.

Crypto Trading Journal

Jakob Barle

I've been trading crypto for a few years now, but I've always struggled to make consistent profits. I was making impulsive decisions based on my emotions, and I wasn't tracking my trades effectively. After I started using this Journal template, it made a huge difference. I'm now more disciplined, making better decisions, and I'm seeing more gains than losses

Crypto Trading Journal


So much compacted knowledge into one template! It takes some time to duplicate it, but everything works as it's supposed too. What can I say, Nixi is my go to crypto guy, thanks for the discount ;)

Crypto OS ⚡


This Crypto OS template was really helpful! I've been using it daily, and I will continue to use it and prepare for the next Bullrun. My favorite part was the simple customization. It was very beginner-user friendly!

Crypto OS ⚡

Tyler Pham

Nixi's Crypto OS is amazing! You noticed instantly when you opened the template that there was a lot of love and care that went into this. Nixi really thought of everything. I wish I had something like this when I first started out with Crypto. I would've saved so much time. This is a must for anyone that wants to get into Crypto or even seasoned pros that wants to further expand their knowledge.

Crypto OS ⚡

Ole Kaas

This really kick started my self improvement journey. Its really beginner friendly and helpful for everyone starting

Self Improvement Template

Thomas Meyer

Well invested 6 bucks, this has so much potential!!!!!

Self Improvement Template

Szabi Szekely

This Template literraly made my life so much easier. A no brainer for me to buy this!

Self Improvement Template


Branding is important one for business. Sam well crafted all insights and guides in the one complete package. It is worth to check it out guys!

Creator Branding Guide

Sam Stoof

Thank you for Night Time OS. It is a great tool for night time work, as a student I'd to work in the night, this template provides a clean workspace; with no bright colors it is amazing for those overworking hours.

Night Time OS


I can tell so much went into this template. it has everything you need if you're looking for a second brain style notion template, there are a-lot of options and its easy to navigate

Notion Haven HQ [Second brain🧠]

Zack Wall

The simplicity and intuitiveness of the template make it a joy to use. From scheduling posts to tracking engagement, every aspect is seamlessly integrated into Notion, providing a one-stop solution for all my social media needs. The customizable nature of the template ensures that it adapts to my unique workflow, saving me valuable time and effort.

Social OS - Emojis version

Notion Globe

I've personally tried it, and I must say, it's an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to establish a strong brand! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step, helping your brand skyrocket.

Creator Branding Guide

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

a person being interviewed.
How can I import and export data to Notion?

You can move your data in and out of Notion in formats like PDF, HTML, Markdown, and CSV:

  • To import, click the Import button on the left sidebar and choose the format of the file you're importing.

  • To export, go to the ••• menu at the top right of a page, choose Export, and select the format for the export. You can export your whole workspace or just specific pages.

How can I collaborate with others on Notion?

To share a page with someone:

1. Open the page you want to share.

2. Click on the: "Share" button on the top right corner.

3. Choose: "Add People" from the dropdown menu.

4. Enter the email address of the person you want to share the page with.

5. Decide what they can do on the page: View, comment, or edit.

6. Click on the button that says: "Invite" to send an invitation.

How can I use Notion formulas and databases?

Notion's formulas and databases let you customize how you manage data.

You can use formulas to do things like add numbers, merge text, or calculate dates.

Databases help you store and organize stuff like tasks and notes.

You can view your databases as tables, calendars, or boards, and even link databases together to sync data across different projects.

How do i share a Notion Page?

To share a Notion page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the page you want to share from your sidebar.

  2. Click the "Share" button at the top right corner of the page.

  3. Select "Add People" from the dropdown menu.

  4. Enter the email address of the person you want to share with.

  5. Choose what they can do on the page. Like view, comment, or edit.

  6. Hit "Invite" to send them an invite.

How do i use a Notion Template?

Choose a template you like, click on the button that says: "Get it now", from there you will go to the payment screen.

When you have the template, click on the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner.

Then you get the question where you want to save it.

If you're not already logged in, you'll need to log in or create an account to get started.

How to download Notion on Mac

Just visit the Notion website, download the Mac version, and drag the icon into your Applications folder to install it.

How to customize Notion

You can customize Notion by changing the workspace settings, adding or modifying templates, integrating third-party apps, and using different content blocks to build your pages.

To make your workspace more beautiful you can also check out some Notion covers here!

How to make columns in Notion

To create columns, type “/col” and the number of columns you want, like “/col2” for two columns. Or, you can drag one block next to another until you see a blue line that shows you’re making a new column.

How to make a Notion template

To make a Notion template, create a new page, set it up how you like, then click on the 'Share' button in the upper right corner and select 'Publish'. You can then reuse this layout for future pages.

How to get started with Notion

To get started in Notion, just make a new page, choose a template or set up your own design with blocks. Add whatever you need like text, tasks, or databases to keep everything organized.

How to make Notion dark mode

For dark mode in Notion, head to 'Settings & Members', then 'Appearance', and select 'Dark Mode'. You can switch it back and forth with light mode whenever you like. Also, you can quickly toggle dark mode on or off anytime using the shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L.

How to use Notion AI

Press: "Space", and just type what you need help with.

How to add Google Calendar to Notion

To add Google Calendar to Notion, you'll need to use an integration tool like Zapier or embed a public Google Calendar link into a Notion page using the 'Embed' block.

How to undo in Notion

To undo something in Notion, on Windows just press Ctrl + Z. Now, if you're on Mac it's: Cmd + Z. There’s also an 'Undo' button in the page history if you need it.

What font does Notion use?

Notion primarily uses its own custom font called "Inter" for UI elements and offers a selection of Default, Serif (like Times New Roman), and Mono (similar to Courier) for user-generated content.

How to change fonts in Notion

To adjust the font style in Notion, navigate to 'Settings & Members' via the left sidebar, click on 'Appearance,' and there you'll have the option to choose among Default, Serif, and Mono fonts for your workspace.