Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2024-03-27

Welcome to Our Privacy Policy!

Hey there! Thanks for swinging by. Our Privacy Policy is for understanding how we handle your details when you use NichePlates. It’s about your privacy rights and how you’re protected under our watch.

Agreeing to Our Practices:

Jumping into our Service? Great! Just a heads up, by continuing, you're saying you're okay with the way we gather and use your info, just like we explained in this policy.

What We Mean When We Say:

- “Account” is your key to unlock our Service.

- “Affiliate” is our business family – entities we’re connected with by ownership.

- “Company” is us, NichePlates.

- “Cookies” are small files saving the lowdown on your web visits.

- “Country” stands for the Netherlands, our home base.

- “Device” is anything you use to get into our Service, like your smartphone or laptop.

- “Personal Data” is any info that can shout out “This is me!” about you.

- “Service Provider” is anyone we hire to process data for us.

- “Third-party Social Media Service” includes any online platforms like Facebook or Instagram that you use to sign in or create an account with us.

- “Usage Data” is info we get automatically, like what browser you’re using and your click-around on our site.

- “Website” is our online home at

- “You” means you, our awesome user.

The Info We Collect and How We Use It:

When We Might Need Your Details:

Using our Service might mean sharing some personal info with us, like:

- Your email address

- Your first and last name

- How you surf and use our Service

We also scoop up some details automatically – think your device’s internet protocol (IP) address, your browser type, your digital footprints on our site, and the timestamps of those visits.

Hooking Up Through Social Media:

Opt to sign in or create an account through a social platform? We might collect info linked to your social media account.

Special Features and Services:

Fancy featuring a template on NichePlates? We’ll need specifics like your payment details and the nitty-gritty on the template.

Using Your Info:

Your details help us keep the Service shipshape, manage your account, make contracts happen, communicate with you, and improve what we offer. It’s all part of making NichePlates better for you.

Sharing Your Personal Touches:

Your personal info might be shared with our Service Providers, business partners, other users, or when you give us the thumbs up.

Holding Onto Your Info:

We only keep your Personal Data as long as needed for the reasons laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Cross-border Info Moves:

Heads up – your details, including Personal Data, might hop over to places outside your home turf where privacy laws can be different.

Your Data, Your Rights:

You’ve got the power to say goodbye to your Personal Data or ask for a revision by hitting us up.

When the Law Steps In:

Just so you know, we might have to share your Personal Data if the law says so or if there’s a legit request from public authorities.

Keeping Your Data Safe:

We’re on it! But remember, no internet transmission or electronic storage is ever 100% secure.

Kids and Privacy:

We’re all about safety, but our Service isn’t aimed at the under-13 crowd, and we don’t knowingly collect their info.

Other Websites:

Just a heads-up, our Service might have links to other sites. We’re not in charge of their privacy practices, so have a look at their own policies.

Policy Updates:

We might tweak this Privacy Policy from time to time. We’ll let you know about any major changes by updating it right here.

Got Questions?

Reach out to us any time at if you’re curious about anything here.

Thanks for reading and for being part of NichePlates!