Energy OS

Energy OS

Solopreneurs & students alike who need to track their time & energy in a simple dashboard. Click "Get It Now" to see all features in images!

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This OS is to help you have a balanced routine & have the energy you need to do your work

Energy is finite.

We only have some much of it,

so use what you have on things that are the most important!

The best way to do this is by breaking your work into:

  • Light work - low energy tasks

  • Deep work - high energy tasks

This OS will help you do just that!

With dashboards based on time, health, and more~

keep track of how you’re feeling & the time needed to complete your projects & to-do.

This OS includes:

  • Main dashboard

    • Read from left-to-right from inputting tasks, seeing it on timeline, & then noting tasks on Notification Center.

  • Wellness Journal

    • Jot your habits & see on dashboard.

  • Time Journal

    • Input your tasks & see how much time each of them take in the dashboard.

  • Extra covers

    • (for galleries, boards, etc.)

  • Extra icons from my Premium Minimalist Icon Bundle

    • (add to galleries, boards, etc.)

There are 2 options for purchase:

→ Energy OS Standard

✔️ Energy OS system

✔️ Guide for Use w/ freebies

→ Energy OS PRO

✔️ Everything in Standard

✔️ Lifetime updates:

I’ll update on email any changes up to 2x per month.

✔️ Priority support

Features coming soon for those with access to Lifetime Updates:

  • Energy Meter ⚡

  • Ability to calculate time of all tasks within a category (ex. total time for Deep Work tasks during February).


1. What is Notion?

Notion is a single workspace where you can think, write, plan, capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company -- and do it exactly the way you want.

2. What is Notion template?

Notion templates are pre-built Notion pages that can be imported into your Notion workspace and help you to gain productivity and organization.

3. Is Notion a paid software?

No, Notion does have a free plan. But using templates for formulas (included in the Energy OS) will require a paid plan.

4. How I will receive the template?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your Notion workspace.

5. Is there any refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products like Notion templates, I do not offer any refunds or exchanges.

6. Can I become an affiliate?

Sure you can! Click here to fill out the affiliate form.

7. Still have questions?

Ask me anything at I will try my best to fulfill your request.

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