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Find and explore apps compatible with Notion, like widgets. Over 90 unique Notion widgets, all easily found under one platform.

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Having the broadest and best range of all the widgets for Notion, these widgets are highly customizable and very easy to install.

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Notion Quotes

Experience fresh inspiration with every launch of your Notion workspace, as a new quote awaits your discovery.

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Notion Charts

Allows you to create embeddable charts from your Notion databases, supporting various chart types.

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VSCode Notion

Lets you browse Notion pages directly inside Visual Studio Code.

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Notion Web Clipper

This is a browser extension that allows a user to save articles and links directly to their Notion workspace for organized and easy reading.

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Digital Retro Clock

Personalize your notion page by adding the WidgetBox digital retro clock. It is customizable with a variety of colors that enable you to design according to your notion page theme.

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Spotify Widget

Add a Spotify playlist to your Notion page so it is even more beautiful.

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Blocs Notion Widgets

Blocs is a subscription service loaded with cool Notion widgets. You can follow the hydration with the Water Tracker, develop new habits with the Habit Tracker, and even improve productivity using Blocs Pomodoro.

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Notionlytics is an analytics toolkit for Notion. Content usage analytics for Notion pages, resources, and documents.

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Tally Forms

Tally is built much like typing out a document but in the form of an online form builder. Start typing on the page and add blocks similar to building in Notion.

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NotionMetrics pulls your most important metrics right into Notion pages to help hold you accountable by getting the exact alignment of where your business is with your todo list. That means Notion pulls from your Stripe, Rescuetime, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Plaid, and Google Analytics of your choice.

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The ultimate icons tool for creating beautiful and personalized dashboards in Notion. Our app allows you to find, customize and add icons.

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Slashy is a Notion extension that enables you to build your command-line. You can take camera and audio recordings, draw things out, create reusable blocks, and a hundred more creative opportunities with it.

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Schedule Social Posts from Notion. View post metrics, likes, and comments directly within your notion page.

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