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Podcast OS
Podcast OS
Podcast OS
Podcast OS

Podcast OS

Take your podcasting journey to the next level with Notion Podcast OS

Get it now for $49


Set clear goals and track your podcasting progress with our intuitive OKR system. Measure success and stay motivated as you work towards achieving your podcasting objectives.

Podcast Assets

Access a comprehensive collection of podcasting assets, including recommended hardware, software, tools, and brand assets. Elevate your podcast's quality and professionalism with the right equipment and resources at your fingertips.

About Page

Engage your audience and share your podcast's story with a dedicated About page. Craft a compelling narrative and showcase your podcast's unique value proposition to captivate and connect with your listeners.

Episode Management System

Efficiently plan, create, and manage your podcast episodes with our intuitive episode management system. Stay organized with episode outlines, timestamps, and status tracking, ensuring a seamless production process from start to finish.

Guest Management

Simplify guest coordination and enhance collaboration with our guest management system. Keep track of guest information, availability, and episode details, ensuring smooth and engaging conversations with your esteemed guests.

Projects and Tasks

Stay on top of your podcasting projects and tasks with our project management features.

Promote System:

Boost your podcast's reach and engagement with our comprehensive promotion system. Plan and schedule content, cross-promote episodes, and leverage strategic partnerships to expand your audience and increase your podcast's visibility.

Monetization System

Unlock revenue opportunities for your podcast with our monetization system. Discover sponsorship opportunities, track affiliate marketing efforts, manage advertising, and gain insight into your podcast's financial performance with revenue and expense tracking.

Learning Resources

Create a wealth of valuable learning resources to enhance your podcasting skills and knowledge.

Backend Database

Effortlessly manage and organize your podcast's data with our powerful backend database. Keep track of episodes, guests, and other essential information in one centralized location for easy access and seamless organization.

Get started with Podcast OS today and level up your podcasting game

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