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To-do List [Eisenhower Matrix]

To-do List [Eisenhower Matrix]

Transform task management with the Automated Eisenhower Matrix for Notion. It auto-sorts tasks by urgency & importance, streamlining your day. Say goodbye to manual sorting and embrace a productivity boost. Perfect for Notion enthusiasts.

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Ready to elevate your productivity with a twist? Discover the Automated Eisenhower Matrix for Notion, a template that redefines task management. This isn't just any Eisenhower Matrix; it's a productivity powerhouse designed for the dynamic Notion user.

Key Features:

🚀 Automated Categorization: Experience the Eisenhower Matrix revolutionized. This template auto-sorts tasks into 'Do First,' 'Schedule,' 'Delegate,' or 'Eliminate' based on urgency, importance, and deadlines, using an advanced automation formula. Say goodbye to manual sorting!

📆 Dynamic Task Management: Set due dates and watch tasks move between categories as deadlines approach. This feature keeps you ahead, focusing on what's truly urgent and important.

📊 Comprehensive Task Database: At the heart of our template is a masterfully organized database, offering versatile views for table, list, priority, and status management. Filter, manage, and visualize your tasks with unparalleled ease.

🌟 Streamlined & Intuitive: Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this template brings order to chaos, ensuring a smooth, productive workflow.


✅ Prioritize with Precision: Cut through the noise of to-do lists. Focus on what matters, and make impactful decisions with our automated system.

🕒 Master Time Management: By smartly organizing tasks, gain control over your schedule and dedicate time to what truly advances your goals.

📈 Progress Tracking: Keep a clear view of task statuses and achievements, ensuring constant advancement towards your objectives.

🔝 Elevate Your Lifestyle: By efficiently managing tasks, discover more time for passions, reduce stress, and enjoy a balanced life.

Seize the day with the Automated Eisenhower Matrix for Notion. This template doesn't just organize tasks; it transforms how you approach productivity and time management. Click "I Want This!" now and start a journey to unmatched efficiency and clarity. Make each day count with a tool designed for the discerning Notion enthusiast.

Note: This template is designed for use with Notion, a powerful productivity and organization tool. Prior experience with Notion is recommended for optimal usage.


What is the Eisenhower Matrix?

It's a strategic framework for prioritizing tasks, focusing on their urgency and importance to optimize decision-making and time management. The Automated Eisenhower Matrix for Notion brings a unique twist to this powerful tool, categorizing tasks into four 'Status' dynamically:

  • Do First: Tasks that are either marked as Urgent and Important, or Important with a deadline within the next 48 hours. These demand immediate attention.

  • Schedule: Important tasks that are not urgent. If a task is marked important with a due date more than a week away, it stays out of view to prevent distraction until it becomes relevant.

  • Delegate: Tasks marked as Urgent (or with an upcoming deadline in less than 48 hours) but not important. Though they need completion, they don't align closely with your main objectives and should be delegated to others.

  • Eliminate: Tasks that are neither urgent nor important. These are the least priority, often acting as time-wasters, and should be deleted or ignored.

By automating the sorting process based on these categories, the template ensures that you always know where to focus your efforts, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

  1. What is Notion? Notion is an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, task management, and project planning. Its user-friendly interface boosts productivity and efficiency for various users, from writers to project managers.

  2. What is a Notion template? Notion templates are pre-designed components for your workspace, tailored for tasks like project management and note-taking. They help streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

  3. Is it compatible with all Notion accounts?
    Yes, this template is fully functional with both free and paid Notion accounts, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

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