Notion Second Brain OS
Notion Second Brain OS
Notion Second Brain OS
Notion Second Brain OS

Notion Second Brain OS

Your personal productivity Second Brain system Empower yourself to efficiently manage your tasks, projects, finances, contacts, events, resources, notes, habits, and goals within a single, integrated hub.

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2024 is here — and what better way to start the year than by getting organized with a system that (truly) works? Notion Second Brain lets you keep track of your life’s moving parts, effortlessly record and store every bit of information, and gives you back the time to focus on what truly matters to you.

So, get ready to…

Stay on top of your life

  • All-in-one dashboard

  • 12+ functional pages

  • 30+ (linked) databases

  • Compatible with all devices

  • Light/dark mode friendly

Declutter your brain

  • Quick action buttons

  • Add a new notes, tasks or events on the go

  • Dump all your thoughts into a consolidated system

  • Let Notion remind you of what's important

Get your time back

  • Set up projects with ease

  • Associate tasks to projects or add standalone tasks

  • Lateness property to see all overdue tasks

  • Timeline view

  • Break down tasks into subtasks

Get organized

  • Weekly & Monthly Planner

  • Group everything into Areas (using the PARA method)

  • Group everything into Months

  • Automatic reminder for end-of-month review

Achieve everything you ever wanted

  • Goal tracking system

  • Group everything into quarters

  • Visualize your growth with progress bars

Stay ahead of your brain

  • Keep your thoughts organized in your Journal template

  • Centralize every bit of information in your Notes database

  • Store all you resources in your Library (books, podcasts, blogs, etc.)

  • Keep track of habits & get monthly reports

Databases include: Tasks & Projects, Notes& Resources, Journal, Reading Tracker, Habit Tracker, Finance Tracker, Calendar, Inbox, Objectives, Key results, Areas, Months

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