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Notion Elements
Notion Elements
Notion Elements

Notion Elements

Access pre-built Notion components in a click

Get it now for $99

Drag, Drop, Design.
Build custom workspaces with Notion Elements.

Notion Elements is a set of Notion components, templates, pages, formulas and features. It lives in your Notion sidebar, is accessible to your entire workspace, and makes creating new elements super easy.

How does it work?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate Notion Elements, which contains all the existing elements. Each month, you'll receive 10 new elements with instructions to add them to your existing database.

You can also participate in deciding which elements will be built next with your access to the feature requests dashboard.

Elements already included:

✓ KPIs
✓ Team directory
✓ Social Media Tracker
✓ Subscription Tracker
✓ Meetings
✓ Company Updates
✓ Meeting Minutes
✓ Roadmap
✓ Bug tracking system
✓ Reset all tasks
✓ Applicants Database
✓ Recurring Tasks
✓ Careers Page
✓ OKRs
✓ Blog
✓ Assign X when status change
✓ Tasks
✓ Projects
✓ Tasks & Projects (Relational)
✓ Tasks with time tracking
✓ Invoice Generator
✓ Finance Tracker
✓ Moodboard
✓ Lateness formula
✓ Days left formula
✓ Upvotes
✓ Invoices
and more...

+3 Premium Notion templates
✓ Startup OS
✓ Content Planner
✓ Startup Job Board

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at — I'm always happy to chat & help!

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