Assignment Tracker
Assignment Tracker

Assignment Tracker

School got you overwhelmed? This Notion template saves the day! Track assignments, deadlines, notes, and all your learning resources all in one place Get organized, and ace your classes!

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Assignment Tracker: Your All-in-One Student Toolkit (Notion Template)

This template is your one-stop shop for managing your academic workload. Track assignments, deadlines, and notes. Add learning resources and even see a calendar view of all your tasks. Get organized and conquer school with ease!

What's Include:

  1. Quick Buttons

  2. Assignment Tracker

  3. Notes Tracker

  4. Learning Resources

  5. Weather Widget

  6. Calendar View


Q: What kind of assignments can I track with this template?

A: This template is flexible and can track any kind of assignment, from homework and projects to essays and exams.

Q: How do I add learning resources?

A: There's a dedicated section in the template where you can add links to helpful articles, videos, or websites for each class.

Q: Can I see all my assignments in a calendar view?

A: Absolutely! The template includes a calendar view that shows all your assignments with their deadlines, giving you a clear picture of your workload.

Q: Is this template free to use?

A: Notion offers free plans with plenty of storage for student use. The Assignment Tracker template itself is free to use within Notion.

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