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Gym OS

Gym OS

Transform your physique in 60 days! Access the ultimate Notion template for tracking workouts, setting challenges, and boosting progress. Create custom challenges, record workouts, and monitor lift progress. Includes 50+ exercises.

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Transform your physique and start challenging your fitness ability in 2024!!

The best Notion template available to track your fitness and accelerate progress in the gym.

Gym OS was designed to create fast progress in the gym by allowing users to create challenges, record workouts and track their lift progress.

What's Included?

🎯Advanced Custom Challenge/Goal Creation Dashboard

  • The freedom to set yourself any fitness challenges to push your ability.

  • It comes with quick-action buttons so you can start fresh or take a break whenever you want.

✅ Create & Record Workouts

  • Build unlimited workout templates or use the premade ones and build a routine that you can easily track in the gym.

  • Comes with 50+ pre-added exercises so you can easily start building workouts.

💪 Track & Grow All Your Lifts

  • Tracking your lifts is one of the fastest ways to progress in the gym.

  • Set a benchmark and work towards improving on each exercise and weight.

How To Use?

  1. Starting is easy. Duplicate the template and press the button to remove all existing data

  2. Create any challenge and easily track your progress

  3. Use the workouts section to build custom workouts or use the existing templates

  4. Add your workouts to the calendar to record daily workouts

  5. Update your progress on each exercise and track your growth over time

I will improve and add new features over time once Notion receives updates. New versions will be sent for FREE.

If you're looking to improve your ability in the gym, this template is for you.

Start your journey today!

💸 Comes with my supercharged money-back guarantee. See on the side for more details.

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