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Business OS
Business OS

Business OS

Optimize your business for success and efficiency.

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Optimize Your Business for Success and Efficiency

Notion Business OS optimizes your company's efficiency, transforming how you manage your business. Ideal for companies seeking to streamline operations within a structured framework, this template enables you to improve performance across all departments.

Here’s What You Get!

  • Departments: Oversee departmental activities and standard operating procedures.

  • Employees: Track employee information and performance for workforce management.

  • Training: Organize training programs to enhance employee skills and productivity.

  • Software: Manage software licenses and usage across your operations.

  • Projects: Monitor and manage ongoing projects to ensure timely completion.

  • Tasks: Organize daily tasks to enhance productivity and meet deadlines.

  • Meetings: Schedule and document important discussions related to projects.

  • Resources: Store important documents and resources needed for your business.

  • Clients: Manage client details and interactions to maintain strong relationships.

  • Invoices: Create and manage invoices to ensure efficient financial operations.

  • Marketing: Execute marketing strategies to attract clients and promote services.

  • Finances: Oversee financial transactions and budgeting for your business.

  • OKRs: Set and track objectives and key results to measure success.

  • Archive: Store items that are no longer needed but may be useful in the future.

  • Databases: Access to all source databases used throughout this template.

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