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All-in-One Wishlist & Budget Manager
All-in-One Wishlist & Budget Manager
All-in-One Wishlist & Budget Manager
All-in-One Wishlist & Budget Manager

All-in-One Wishlist & Budget Manager

Effortlessly manage your wishlist with our All-in-One Wishlist Manager. Enjoy gallery views, customizable properties, and total price calculations. Stay on top of your items, simplify your wishlist, and make informed purchasing decisions.

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All-in-One Wishlist Manager

Effortlessly organize and manage your wishlist with our All-in-One Wishlist Manager template. With intuitive gallery views, customizable properties, total price calculations, and charming decorative elements, stay on top of your desired items like never before. Simplify your wishlist experience and make informed purchasing decisions with ease.

Why Should You Get This Template?

  • Streamlined Organization: Simplify your wishlist management with intuitive gallery views and customizable properties. Categorize items, track prices, and prioritize purchases effortlessly.

  • Total Price Insights: Gain valuable insights into your wishlist's overall cost with a dedicated view that calculates the total price of all listed products. Stay on budget and plan purchases effectively.

  • Comprehensive Tutorial Resources: Access two tutorial templates—a video guide and a detailed text tutorial—to quickly grasp the template's functionality and make the most out of its features.

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Elevate your wishlist experience with a decorative clock widget that adds charm and visual interest to your template, making it more engaging and enjoyable to use.

  • Efficient Decision-Making: Rate previous purchases, mark items as bought, and assess potential repurchases with ease. Make informed purchasing decisions and optimize your shopping experience.

What's Included?

  • Written Tutorial: Comprehensive written instructions for easy reference and setup.

  • Review Your Bought Products: Fill in "buy again?" and "review" properties for purchased items.

  • Decorative Clock Widget: Add a stylish clock widget to your template for an enhanced visual appeal.

  • Wishlist Gallery View: Visual representation of your wishlist for easy browsing and prioritizing.

  • Video Tutorial: Step-by-step video guide to help you set up and use the template efficiently.

  • Personalized Categories: Customize categories to fit your specific budgeting and wishlist needs.

  • Add Different Budgets for Each Category: Customize budget amounts for different expense categories.

  • Budget Tracker: Keep track of your expenses and budget, divided by categories.

  • Total Remaining Amount View: See the remaining amount of your budget at a glance.

  • Total Wishlist Cost View: View the full price of your wishlist items easily.

  • Total Spent Amount View: Track the total amount spent on your wishlist.

  • Automatically Calculate Expenses and Budget After Buying a Product: Automatic updates to your budget and expenses when you mark an item as bought.

  • Priority List: Organize your wishlist items by priority for informed purchasing decisions.

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