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Reach Your Goal with 90/90/1 Rule

Reach Your Goal with 90/90/1 Rule

90/90/1 (90 Days, 90 Minutes, 1 Goal) Rule is one of the methods to achieve goals introduced by Robin Sharma.

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The 90/90/1 Rule (90 Days, 90 Minutes, 1 Goal) is a strategy introduced by Robin Sharma, a renowned author and motivational speaker, to help individuals achieve their goals in a more focused and structured manner. The basic principle of this method is to allocate 90 minutes every day for 90 consecutive days to work on one main goal that you want to achieve.

Here’s a more detailed description of this method:

Main Goal (1 Goal)

The first step in this method is to identify one primary goal that is very important to you. This goal can be anything, such as writing a book, starting a business, improving a specific skill, or any other major project. Choosing one main goal helps you avoid being distracted by numerous smaller goals and ensures your energy and time are concentrated on something truly meaningful.

Time Allocation (90 Minutes)

Once the main goal is established, the next step is to allocate 90 minutes each day to work on that goal. These 90 minutes should be scheduled during times when you have the highest energy and focus, typically in the morning before the distractions of daily life begin to emerge. During these 90 minutes, it is crucial to be fully focused and not be distracted by other tasks, such as emails, social media, or other interruptions.

Consistency (90 Days)

The final step is to maintain this commitment for 90 consecutive days. Consistency is key to achieving significant results. By working regularly every day for 90 days, you build a strong habit and give yourself enough time to see real progress towards your goal. Ninety days is a long enough period to allow for sustainable growth and necessary adjustments along the way.

Benefits of the 90/90/1 Method

  1. Intensive Focus: By having only one primary goal, you can dedicate your full attention and effort without being distracted by other objectives.

  2. Measurable Progress: Allocating a fixed amount of time each day allows you to see gradual and measurable progress.

  3. Habit Formation: Consistency over 90 days helps in forming productive habits that can continue even after the 90-day period ends.

  4. Reduced Procrastination: With a specific daily commitment, you reduce the tendency to procrastinate and find it easier to take action.

Implementation in Daily Life

To implement this method, first determine your primary goal and create a detailed plan outlining the steps needed. Schedule 90 minutes in your calendar every day and ensure to stick to this schedule. During the allocated time, avoid all distractions and focus entirely on tasks related to your goal. Record your progress daily to see how far you’ve come, and make evaluations and adjustments as needed.

By following the 90/90/1 method, you can transform how you work and achieve significant goals in your life more effectively and efficiently.

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