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Agile Retrospectives Hub
Agile Retrospectives Hub

Agile Retrospectives Hub

This template will help your team to fulfill the reason for doing retrospectives - to identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments to become more efficient and effective.

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Move your team forward with this easy-to-use Notion template

About This Template

  • Comprehensive Notion template for managing and registering retrospectives

  • Check out the tools page for inspiration on which apps you can try to make retrospectives fun

  • Smooth structure makes it easy to get started with the template

  • Once you're done with retrospective, it's super easy to return to it in the future

  • Minimalist design to focus on the important things


  • Usage description for each database, so you don't have to search for instructions

  • Instructions hidden in toggles to keep design minimalist

  • Use prepared retrospective templates to start your Retrospective quickly and easily

  • Create tasks directly in the running Retrospective and keep track of them in different places in the template

  • Easily review pending tasks in a prepared view each time you arrive at the Retrospectives home page

  • Easily create and track the tasks with the prepared effective structure of the tasks database

  • Review all tasks and their details on a dedicated page

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