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Advanced Finance Hub 2024
Advanced Finance Hub 2024
Advanced Finance Hub 2024
Advanced Finance Hub 2024

Advanced Finance Hub 2024

A Complete & Interconnected Financial Management System in Notion. Improve your finance experience in a way you've never thought possible. Using all the new Notion Features, it allow you to automatically track everything, without any effort

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What's Included - Main Functions

Complete finances overview dashboard.

Automatic Summary of all your finances, included average.

Manage all your Accounts from one place.

Add Accounts, track their balance, and get an overview of your money at a glance.

Budgeting Made Simple.

Easily set monthly budgets and check if your spending is over budget or in budget.

Log Incomes, Expenses & Categories.

Easily add Incomes and Expenses, organize them by category, and take an overview of your monthly/quarterly/yearly transactions.

Automatic Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Reporting.

Automatically generate informative reports. So you can get a complete overview of your Incomes and Expenses, in that timeframe.

Advanced Subscription Management.

Effortlessly track and manage your subscriptions. For example, see how much you have spent and or when is your next payment, all automatically. With a summary of all your subscriptions and your stats.

Your Net worth Always Synchronized.

Transfer Funds Between Accounts.

Quickly transfer money from one account to another.
Or you can transfer money to save up for your savings/debts/assets.

Manage your financial Goals/Saves, Debts and Assets.

Save Money for your wish list items or for your last debt. Also, write and analyze all your assets.
All this automatically informs the final summary.

Work Faster with Buttons.

With the new Notion Buttons feature that lets you use the template with much more ease.

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