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Couple's Meal Planner with Cookbook
Couple's Meal Planner with Cookbook

Couple's Meal Planner with Cookbook

Are you and your partner in search of a stress-free way to plan your meals for the week while adding a dash of culinary inspiration to your relationship? Look no further! Our Couple Meal Planner and Cookbook Notion template is here to help!

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Key Features:

  • 🍽️ Meals Homepage: Simplify your weekly meal planning by swiftly choosing dishes for the week ahead. No more last-minute meal decisions, just effortless organization.

  • 📋 Ready-made Recipe Template: Create a digital recipe collection with ease. Add your own recipes effortlessly, complete with shopping lists, ingredients, and cooking steps. Say goodbye to scattered recipe notes!

  • 📚 Cookbook Meals Included: Jumpstart your culinary journey with a curated selection of delectable recipes. We've included a small series of recipes to inspire your cooking adventures.

  • 💬 Independent Suggestions: Foster collaboration in your meal planning. Use the suggested meals system to propose delightful ideas for your partner's consideration, ensuring a harmonious meal plan.

Effortless Meal Selection Anytime, Anywhere

With our template, meal planning is a breeze, even when you and your partner are on the go. Both of you can access and choose meals from our extensive list, as well as add your own favourites. This feature empowers each partner to contribute their meal ideas, creating a dynamic and collaborative meal planner.

When a meal is approved, it seamlessly moves to the "This Week" section, ensuring that both partners have a clear view of the week's chosen culinary delights. Say goodbye to mealtime uncertainty and hello to a well-organized and harmonious dining experience.

Streamlined Meal Selection

  • 🗓️ This Week: Get a quick overview of the meals scheduled for the week ahead. No more uncertainty—everything you need for a successful week of cooking is at your fingertips.

  • 💡 Suggested: Collaborate with your partner to brainstorm and propose recipes for the upcoming week. Make meal planning an exciting, shared experience.

  • 📚 All Meals: Dive into a vast culinary database, your go-to resource for all the dishes you can prepare. This central hub provides toggles and filters for meal types, meat preferences, and more, ensuring you always find the perfect recipe for any occasion.

Effortless Recipe Management

  • ⏱️5-Second Recipes: Our template simplifies the process of managing recipes. Every new recipe you add is instantly equipped with a dedicated recipe page, making it a breeze to organize your ingredients, steps, and other essentials for each meal you plan. No more hassles, just smooth meal prep.

Dive Into Culinary Delights

  • 🍽️A Culinary Starting Point: Your meal planner doesn't just stop at organization; it also kicks off your cooking journey with a small cookbook. Inside, you'll find a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This culinary compendium covers meat-based, pescatarian, and vegetarian options, ensuring there's something for every palate. It's time to explore, experiment, and enjoy a world of flavours right at your fingertips!

Our Testimonials

"It was exactly what I was looking for! I'm helping out a friend with her meals and I was busy focusing on getting the information down so I didn't really have a structure. I figured I'd build the structure later to stay organized but then I found this template. Now I don't have to build anything from scratch!" - Sue-Jan Noreiga, Notion Consultant

"It's very nice and helpful to have this template for a couple. It is one way to improve communication between 2 people. Love how it is well organized and easy to use" - Min, Notion Power User

"The Couple Meal Planner is an excellent designed template, it has all the features you need to organise your meals. For example, you can easily plan out meals for the upcoming week" - Matt, Founder of


  • 🛠️ Help Resources: Our template includes helpful resources to guide you through the template and customize it to suit your personal requirements.

  • 📄 License: Please note that this template is intended for personal use only and should not be resold. If someone you know is interested, kindly direct them to this link.

  • 💼 Refund Policy: As this is a digital product, it cannot be returned once downloaded, making it non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

I know this will help your relationship, it helped mine!

Thank you from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Notioneer, Con

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