Workspace Template

Workspace Template

Welcome to the "Your Workspace" - a dedicated workspace designed for team members to collaborate effectively like interns and mentors, staffs and managers... This template aims to create an efficient work environment, helping you manage you

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What's included?

Let's explore how the "Your Workspace" template works.

Each section serves a specific purpose to assist you in organizing, tracking, and progressing through your internship/working journey.

📇 My Profile: where you can store personal information, skills, and individual goals. This allows the mentor/leader to gain a better understanding of intern and provide the necessary support for development throughout the internship/working.

⚡ Task Board: manage your daily tasks, prioritize them, and track their progress. You can assign tasks to yourself or share them with your mentor to collaborate and achieve optimal results.

✅ Task to Review : task needed mentor/leader review and assess the tasks you have completed. This enables your mentor to provide feedback and guidance necessary for your skill development and overall performance improvement.

🔗 Useful Links : where you can store important links to reference materials, study resources, work tools, and other helpful information. This helps you easily access and share crucial information with your mentor and colleagues.

🏢 Accounts & Contacts : allows you to manage your personal account information, including login credentials, passwords, and other details. This helps you keep your account information and college's contacts organized and easily accessible.

✍️ Weekly Report : enables you to compile and submit weekly reports detailing your accomplishments, challenges, and goals for the upcoming week. This allows you to track your progress and keep your leader informed about your achievements and areas for improvement.

🎯  Performance Review: provides a visual representation of your KPI, highlighting key metrics, projects, and achievements. It serves as a roadmap for your progress and helps you stay focused and motivated throughout your next time.

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