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Where do we eat? Restaurant Picker
Where do we eat? Restaurant Picker
Where do we eat? Restaurant Picker
Where do we eat? Restaurant Picker

Where do we eat? Restaurant Picker

When you, a partner or friend asks "Where do we eat?," use this Notion template to easily decide on a restaurant. Keep a custom database of all your favorite places to eat (or foodie wishlist).

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Keep track of your favorite places to eat, and choose one NOW!

Are you tired of the exasperating conversations with your partner when trying to pick a restaurant? Are you over it when trying to remember where you like to eat when it's time to treat yourself? The Where Do We Eat? Restaurant Picker Notion template is here to help!

Organize your favorite restaurants and helpful info about them in this Notion dashboard, and make choosing somewhere to eat easy and simple! Less overwhelming than having to turn to Yelp or Google every time when you just want one of the places you already frequent.

  • Shuffle your list to choose a restaurant at random

  • Easily remove options from the list to narrow down your choices ("I don't know what I do want, but I do know what I don't.")

  • Filter by:

    • Locations in your surrounding area

    • Cuisine

    • New places you've never been to

    • Type of restaurant (quick serve vs sit down, etc.)

    • Budget

    • Good for kids - or not...

    • Outdoor Seating

    • Takeout

    • Serves alcohol

    • Which meals they're open for

    • Vegetarian options

    • Gluten free options

The database is populated by example restaurants. You'll need to add your own local spots. You're also free to customize it further any way you want, but this is a great starting point that has covered our needs!

**Dashboard contains complete instructions, but a basic understanding of Notion is needed to use this template.**

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