Time Tracking
Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Time Tracking template to boost performance and get paid for every billable minute. An intuitive tool that makes time tracking painless.

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Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to manage your time and create invoices? Do you wish there was a seamless solution to track your work hours and generate professional invoices all in one place? Look no further! Our Notion Time Tracking Template is the perfect solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking to simplify their workflow and boost productivity.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Start and End Session Buttons: Easily track the time spent on each activity by simply clicking the start and end buttons. Never miss a minute of your valuable work time!

  • Hourly Rate & Earnings Tracking: Enter your hourly rate and let the template automatically calculate your earnings for each session. Keep track of your income with ease.

  • Project Tracking: Manage projects that require multiple timed sessions. Start and end each session with a click of a button, and monitor your progress throughout the project.

  • Project Overview: Get an overview view of your total hours and earnings for each project, helping you stay on top of your income and productivity.

  •  Simplified Time Tracking: Our Notion template provides a user-friendly interface to log your work hours effortlessly. Simply start a timer when you begin a task and stop it when you're done. No more manual calculations or guesswork.

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