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The Ultimate Finance Tracker
The Ultimate Finance Tracker
The Ultimate Finance Tracker
The Ultimate Finance Tracker

The Ultimate Finance Tracker

Keep track of your your Financial Life

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Take Control of Your Money With The Ultimate Notion Finance Tracker

The Ultimate Finance Tracker in Notion streamlines your finances, merging budgeting, investments, and planning into one powerful tool. Elevate your money management with clear insights and achieve your financial goals effortlessly. Start transforming your financial strategy today.

Enhanced Quick Capture & Navigation

The Ultimate Finance Tracker allows for immediate recording and organization of financial data. With one-click additions for income, expenses, loans, transfers, subscriptions, and debts, managing your finances becomes effortless. Navigate swiftly between overviews, detailed reports, and portfolios right from the dashboard.

Automated Financial Reports: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Overviews

Get a handle on your cash with the "Automated Financial Reports" section. See what you're earning and spending monthly, quarterly, or yearly with just a glance. It's super easy – all your money stats are lined up to help you stay on top of your game. Just input your incomes & expenses once, and leave the rest to the template. It'll whip up those financial reports for you automatically.

Simple and Automated Budget Tracker

Keep your spending in check with the "Categories & Budget" section. It shows you how much you're spending in each category like shopping, bills, or food. Just feed it your budget and expenses, and it'll tell you if you're staying on track or if it's time to cut back. No sweat, no fuss!

Finance Health Check: Bank & Goals Tracker

See all your money in one spot with "Bank & Goals Tracker." It shows how much you have and how close you are to reaching goals like saving for emergencies or buying something big. It’s a simple way to watch your savings grow.

Simplify Income and Expense Tracking with Automated Insights

Track your incomes and expenses easily with this tool. Just enter your incomes like job earnings or rent and your expenses like bills or groceries. The template does the rest, showing you where your money goes. It’s a straightforward way to watch your finances.

All-in-One Investment Tracker

Manage all your investments in one place with our "All-in-One Investment Tracker." From crypto to real estate to stocks, see everything at a glance. Enter your assets, and the tracker updates your profits and losses. It's a clear, easy way to keep an eye on your investment growth.

Debt & Loan Tracker

Keep an eye on what you owe and what others owe you with the "Debt & Loan Tracker." It lists your debts like car or house payments and tracks loans you've made to others. See how much you've paid off and how much is left to go. It’s a simple, visual way to stay on top of your debts and loans.

Subscriptions & Bank Transfer Manager

Handle your recurring expenses and move money between accounts easily. Keep track of your monthly services like streaming or software subscriptions, and manage your transfers in one clear view. No more surprises on your bank statements — it’s all right here to see and manage.

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