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The Producthunt Bible

The Producthunt Bible

Reach top positions on when launching on Producthunt — every time.

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A detailed step-by-step guide to help you go from beginner to expert level in launching products on Producthunt to reach top positions every time you launch.

Learn every step it takes to prepare for a proper launch
Learn every strategy you need to reach top positions
Learn the ins, outs, tricks & hacks of Producthunt

Who am I?

The past 15 months I've launched over 40+ products on Producthunt and consistently hit top positions.

In fact, I'd launched so many products that I was a finalist for the prestiguos "Maker of The Year Award" in 2022.

I took all my learnings, mistakes, tips, tricks and hacks and compiled it into a fool-proof actionable guide, tried and tested, that anyone can follow to win on Producthunt.

Purpose of Creating This Guide:

Realizing the power of Producthunt as a prime source of free traffic changed my approach 15 months ago when I began launching products.

Tapping into Producthunt's vast organic traffic is invaluable. Initially, I found launching challenging and often felt like giving up. However, I discovered that successful launching with minimal effort is achievable with the right strategy.

Common Challenges You Might Face:

- Uncertainty about how Producthunt functions

- Lack of expertise in marketing and launching

- Difficulty in achieving any significant results

- Unsure how to outperform competitors also launching

- Confusion about the success of others in launching

- Unfamiliarity with preparation steps for launch day

Who Will Benefit from This Guide?

✓ First-Time Product Launchers: This guide will transform your uncertainty into a successful first launch.

✓ Those Who've Launched Unsuccessfully: If you've got basic knowledge but lack success, this guide offers comprehensive steps, tricks, and best practices.

✓ Experienced Launchers Seeking Consistency: For those with experience but inconsistent results, this guide will help identify and correct your mistakes for consistent success.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Pre-Launch

- Lesson 1: Preparing for Launch Day

- Lesson 2: Gaining Support on Launch Day

Chapter 2: Launch Day

- Lesson 3: Generating Buzz About Your Product

- Lesson 4: Exact Steps for Launch Day

- Lesson 5: Launching Best Practices

Chapter 3: Post-Launch

- Lesson 6: Post-Launch Actions

- Lesson 7: Product Launch Hacks

Satisfaction Guarantee:

I am confident in the guide's effectiveness, based on student successes. If you don't reach the top 5 on Producthunt after applying these teachings, I offer a full refund.

Notion Creator Bible (ULTIMATE BUNDLE):

For those committed to mastering Notion, sales, launching, audience building, or earning from Notion templates, the Notion Creator Bundle is a must-see.

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