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Task Flowy
Task Flowy
Task Flowy
Task Flowy

Task Flowy

Task Flowy is a 🗂 Task / Project Management + 🧠 Second Brain Template designed to help you prioritize tasks, streamline workflow, improve work performance, and create a centralized database.

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Manage Your Work In Notion:
Flow Through Your Tasks with "Task Flowy"

Task / Project Management + Second Brain for Notion

Task management just got easier! Task Flowy is a Notion template designed to help you:

✅ Prioritize your tasks,
✅ Streamline your workflow,
✅ Improve your work performance, and
✅ Create a centralized database.

Stay on top of your tasks and deadlines

Task Flowy is designed based on the most brilliant ideas from productivity masters:

  1. PARA method of Second Brain -
    to organize your work and life,

  2. Get Things Done (GTD) method -
    to prioritize and complete tasks, and

  3. Keep Problem Try (KPT) retrospectives - 
    to track your progress and stay motivated.

What's in Task Flowy?

🧾 Clean and Easy-to-use Panels

  1. Dashboard: Your task processing area. It also includes a sidebar with sections for menu, daily plans, recent projects, areas, and notes for easy browsing.

  2. Backend: is where you can view your topics, manage delegation and link to your template wiki (tutorial).

🧠 Your Second Brain

Task Flowy is designed around Tiago Forte's incredibly effective system, known as the PARA method, consisting of four components:

  1. Project: Short-term efforts with a clear deadline or outcome.

  2. Area: Areas of life, such as work, family, or personal growth.

  3. Resource: Materials you need to do your work, like articles, videos, or books.

  4. Archive: Store projects, areas, resources, and notes that are not currently in use for future reference.

🦸‍♂ Unlock Creative Potential

  1. Notes - Collect your valuable ideas and generate new thoughts.

📊 Plan and Reflect on Your Day

  1. Daily Plans - Start your day with a clear focus and keep track of your progress. It includes sections such as today’s focus, Keep-Problem-Try retrospect, to-dos and notes.

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