Producthunt OS
Producthunt OS
Producthunt OS

Producthunt OS

Operating System to organize your Producthunt Launch and reach top placements

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Producthunt OS is an unparalleled launch system designed in Notion to help you keep track of all the tasks and to-do's to help you reach top positions when launching on Producthunt.

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Benefits of a successful Producthunt launch

At worst, reaching Product #1 of The Day on Producthunt can give you powerful social proof that will help customers decide whether to buy from your or not.

At best, it can provide thousands of signups, subscribers or customers to your products generating you tons of direct revenue.

If done correctly, launching on Producthunt can give you:

  • Authority and validation in your niche through powerful social proof.

  • Thousands of free signups, downloads and emails to your product or email list

  • Hundreds of new customers, subscribers or users that'll generate revenue right away

Imagine for a minute that this was your products...

preview producthunt launch

preview producthunt launch

preview producthunt launch

preview producthunt launch

In the beginning when I started launching products I had to learn everything by trial and error.

After launching 30+ products in less than 10 months, I found out exactly what is needed for successful launches.

Then I built a system to support that.

Allow me to introduce...

Producthunt OS

The only Product Launch system you need to organize and plan your next launch correctly to get the results you need consistently.

Producthunt OS is a Notion operating system built to help you launch products with success by providing you with a collection of databases that you can fill out with all the data you have for your coming and prior launches.

This is for you if...

You're never reaching top positions on Producthunt

You're not organizing the planning of your launches

You're confused, stuck and want to not launch after all

How does it work?

  1. Divide your launch into 3 steps: pre-launch, launch and post launch.

  2. Fill out all the data you need, like templates, studies, resources and supporters for your launch.

  3. Write down the steps you need to take for a succesful launch.

  4. Repeat the process for every launch in one organized dashboard.

What's included?

  • Easy-to-use dashboard to organize and manage launches

  • Studies database to analyze other launches and save them

  • Support database to organize all your supporters in one place

  • Templates database to store templates for easy re-using.

  • Hunters database to track your Hunters prospects.






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