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Achieve your best product manager version: acomplete suite to unlock your product management super powers and outstand.

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Notion offers product managers several advantages over other rigid project management platforms such as Jira. These suite of customisable features will make you save time and money to kickstart your next product building venture:

  • Integrated and organized product system for all the stages of product lifecycle with a structured data model with real-time updates.

  • A set of databases and dashboards to help you stay organized and on top of your priorities, deadlines, tasks, and much more.

  • Pre-made templates, properties, formulas and functions to help you save time and reduce manual work.

  • Accessible and user-friendly sites to make the product management process easier and, why not, funnier, for all teams involved.

  • Automatically updated KPIs to monitor progress and measure success at different levels, with sharing options.

Template content

  1. Initiatives: for tracking project initiatives and goals.

  2. Roadmap: for visualizing the project roadmap and timeline.

  3. Backlog: for managing the backlog of tasks and feature requests.

  4. Sprints: for organizing and tracking project sprints.

  5. Tasks: managing individual project tasks and assignments.

  6. Meeting for scheduling and documenting project meetings.

  7. Interview: for storing records and insights from user interviews.

  8. Insights: for capturing and analyzing project insights and learnings.

  9. Ideas: for brainstorming and documenting project ideas.

  10. Threads: for organizing and tracking project discussions and threads.

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