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Personal Cash Flow Tracker
Personal Cash Flow Tracker

Personal Cash Flow Tracker

Stop wondering where your money goes! This easy-to-use Notion template empowers you to track your income and expenses, gain valuable insights into your spending habits, and achieve your financial goals.

Get it now for $2

Here's what you get:

  • Simple and intuitive layout: Organize your transactions with ease using designated sections for income, expenses, and categories.

  • Automatic calculations: Let the template do the math for you! Track your total income, expenses, and net cash flow automatically.

  • Customizable categories: Tailor the expense categories to your specific needs, whether it's rent, groceries, entertainment, or anything else.

  • Visualizations (Optional): Gain a clear picture of your financial health with charts.

  • Clean and modern design: Stay motivated with a visually appealing template that makes tracking your finances enjoyable.


  • Identify areas for improvement: Understand where your money is going and pinpoint areas to save or adjust your spending.

  • Make informed financial decisions: Back your budgeting choices.

  • Peace of mind: Gain control over your finances and feel confident about your financial future.

This template is perfect for:

  • Individuals starting their budgeting journey

  • Anyone looking for a simple and effective way to track their finances

  • People who want to gain a deeper understanding of their spending habits

  • Those seeking a visually appealing and motivating budgeting tool

Get started today and take control of your financial well-being!

P.S. This template includes sample transactions for January, February, and March to help you understand how it works. Feel free to customize them and add your own transactions to get started

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