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Org Chart Notion Template
Org Chart Notion Template

Org Chart Notion Template

Simplify Team Management, Boost Productivity, and Visualize Hierarchy with Ease

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Struggling to keep track of your team's ever-growing structure? Tired of using clunky spreadsheets or confusing diagrams? This Notion Org Chart Template is your one-stop solution for creating a clear, concise, and collaborative org chart within your favorite workspace – Notion!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Drag & Drop Functionality: Effortlessly add, remove, and rearrange team members to reflect your current structure.

  • Customizable Design: Tailor the template to your brand with your own colors and fonts.

  • Detailed Profiles: Include essential information for each team member, like contact details, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Clickable Links: Seamlessly navigate between individual team member pages for a centralized hub of information.

  • Easy Updates: Keep your org chart current with minimal effort as your team grows and changes.

  • Notion-Native Features: Leverage the power of Notion with features like comments, mentions, and version history.


  • Improved Team Communication: Foster a clear understanding of roles and reporting structures within your team.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate better teamwork by providing easy access to team member information.

  • Flexibility: Use the template for your entire organization, specific departments, or project teams.

Who is this for?

  • Team Leaders & Managers

  • Freelancers & Agencies

  • HR Professionals

  • Anyone who wants to visualize and manage their team structure more effectively in Notion

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