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Notion Meal Planner Template

Notion Meal Planner Template

Introducing the Notion Meal Planner template. Create a database full of meals and be able to track their calories and macro levels. Set your calorie, protein, carbs & fats targets and be able to see what meals align with your goal.

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Optimize your meal planning with our Notion Meal Planner Template. Track calories, macros, and plan meals effortlessly. Features include a meal gallery, calorie & macro calculator, ingredient database, and daily tracking for optimal health and weight goals.

What's Included:

🥙 Meal Gallery

Add your favourite meals and recipes. The calories and macro levels are automatically calculated.

🤖 Calorie & Macro Calculator

See what ratios of protein, carbs & fats you should aim for to achieve your dietary goals. Discover what your calorie intake should be to reach your health and weight goals.

📋 Meal Planning

Plan your meals each day and week and your total calories and macros are shown.

🛒 Ingredient Database

Use a database of over 30 ingredients already added and be able to easily add an unlimited amount.

✅ Daily Tracking

Input your meals for the day or manually enter your calories and macros and the figures are shown. If selected, these figures will be compared against your target daily calories.

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