Moodboard 2.0
Moodboard 2.0

Moodboard 2.0

Whether you're designing a website, crafting a marketing campaign, or working on a personal project, the Moodboard Notion Template guides you in creating an impactful visual identity.

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After feedback I remade one of the best-selling templates! MOODBOARD 2.0!

This template is everything you need to moodboard, including features like:

✅ Visual Moodboard: Create a visual narrative that encapsulates your project's mood and emotions.

✅ Color Palette: Showcase your chosen colors and describe their emotional impact. ✅ Typography Style Guide: Maintain consistency with fonts and text styles.

✅ Elements Repository: Easily access icons, patterns, and custom illustrations.

✅ Inspiration Hub: Collect external sources that fuel your creativity.

✅ Target Audience Insights: Define your audience and align your visuals with their interests.

✅ Project Goals and Key Messages: Keep your objectives and core messages in focus.

✅ Mood and Atmosphere: Convey the emotional essence of your project with descriptive keywords and visuals.

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