Job Hunt OS
Job Hunt OS
Job Hunt OS
Job Hunt OS

Job Hunt OS

Organize your job search process, decrease stress and supercharge job hunting productivity with Job Hunt OS

Get it now for $39

Use this all-in-one Notion system to simplify the process of applying for jobs and increase your chances of landing your dream job.


How does it work?

Using Job Hunt OS, you'll follow a simple 3 step process when looking for your next dream job:

  1. Prospecting
    While you browse job listing sites, you'll come across multiple listings that may be of interest. Upload all these in the "Prospecting" section of Job Application OS.

  2. Applications
    Once you've collected the relevant jobs from each listing site, it's time to send, track and manage your applications. Track your progress from the "Applications" section.

  3. Filtering
    Once you start getting job offers, it's time to compare your options side by side, filtering by salary, perks or even your intuitive feeling about each job opportunity.

Job Hunt OS gives you a simple-to-follow process that'll simplify the hassle of applying for multiple jobs at once - all leading to increased chances of landing your dream job.

What's inside?

Take a look below to see the full Job Hunt OS dashboard...

job hunt os

What's included?

  • 25 job listing websites
    Pick and choose from the most popular job listing sites and keep adding your own to the list

  • Resume template pack
    Pick from 3 plug & play resume templates that you simply customize directly in Notion and download as a .pdf file. If you upgrade to the Job Hunt Bundle, you get 25x resume templates to choose from

  • 10 plug & play email templates
    From salary negotiation emails to job offer declining emails, get access to 10x ready to use email templates, where all you have to do is fill in your details into each email.

  • Cover Letter generation prompt (AI)
    Use ChatGPT or other AI software to quickly generate a custom cover letter for each application you send through with the ready-to-go generation prompt.

  • 50 questions to ask in a job interview
    Prepare yourself as best as you can with 50 questions to pick from that you should be asking in the job interview to heighten your chances of getting that job offer.

  • 50-step job interview checklist
    Prepare for every interview with these detailed and extensive 50-step checklist.

  • Responsive, easy-to-use & beginner friendly
    Job Hunt OS is built with simplicity and decluttering principles in mind to give you a breathable space to organize your job search — no crazy Notion skills needed to get the full benefit from this.






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