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Complete SEO Manager For Notion
Complete SEO Manager For Notion
Complete SEO Manager For Notion
Complete SEO Manager For Notion

Complete SEO Manager For Notion

A holistic Notion template designed for SEO professionals and enthusiasts.

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Welcome to the Complete SEO Manager, a holistic Notion template designed for (aspiring) SEO professionals and enthusiasts!

You can use this all-in-one system to manage your entire SEO strategy.

It gives you all the tools and features you need to scale your traffic.

(Step By Step Guide Included)

What can I do with this?

In short:

  • Manage your blog posts (Write & manage all your blogs)

  • Make a strategic SEO plan (Keep yourself accountable to stay consistent)

  • Gain Topical Authority (Create an efficient site structure that Google crawlers can easily understand)

  • Optimize your content for SEO (Achieve higher rankings on Google)

  • Get your Domain Rating (DR) from 0 -> 20 (Submit your website to 90+ Backlink opportunities)

Key Features:

1. SEO Dashboard

  • Dynamic dashboard, offering a bird's-eye view of critical metrics and management tools.

  • This central hub is your go-to for quick assessments and strategic planning.

2. Strategy Roadmap

  • Designed to help you build a solid SEO strategy. (Step By Step)

  • Content Planner to plan out every piece of content.

3. Keyword Planner

  • Manage all your keywords, sorted by competition, search volume, and rankings.

  • Easily see what you're working on with different views. (Incl. a guide to importing data)

4. Blog Manager+

  • Compose your content strategy with the blog manager.

  • Optimize your posts for maximum impact, and create a content system.

5. Topical Mapper

  • Organize and strategize your content themes with our Topical Map Organizer.

  • This tool helps you create cohesive, relevant content clusters that boost your site's authority.

6. Content Gap Analysis

  • Stay ahead of the competition with the Competitor Analysis Tool.

  • Identify and exploit content gaps, ensuring your site covers hot topics and upcoming trends.

7. AI Content Repurposing System

  • Repurpose your existing content into Blogs, Emails, X/Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, Short-Form scripts, YouTube scripts, Podcast scripts.

8. Guest Post Tracker

  • Write, manage and track guest posts

  • Organize and manage your contacts.

  • Plan, manage and execute guest post campaigns.

9. Influencer Outreach Planner

  • Amplify your reach with the Influencer Outreach Planner.

  • Manage outreach campaigns and collaborations, improving your content's visibility and engagement.

10. Backlink Manager

  • 90+ Carefully reviewed websites to get a natural backlink profile.

  • Sorted by DR, organic traffic & type.

  • Link Building Strategies

  • Backlink Gap Analysis

11. Email Marketing Planner

  • Designed for organizing your workflows, emails, and products.

  • Strategically market your products

12. Goals Tracker

  • Set quarterly goals and track milestones.

13. On & Off-page SEO Checklists

  • Optimize every aspect of SEO.

  • Covering both on-page and off-page factors.

14. Content Optimization Checklist

  • The most necessary Content Optimization priorities.

15. YouTube Creator Checklists

  • This template has a set of checklists and pages for YouTube creators.

  • It covers everything from planning and filming to editing, uploading, and checking analytics.

  • There's also a page for organizing all your video ideas, making sure you're set from start to finish.

16. Website Rebrand Checklist

  • Every step you need to take for a full website rebrand. (To preserve SEO value)

17. Schema Markup Planner

  • Apply, manage, track and learn Schema Markup.

18. 100 AI Tools for Business

  • Leverage the power of AI with a curated list of 100 tools.

  • These resources are curated for business needs, improving efficiency.

19. SEO Tools (45)

  • Access a suite of SEO tools in one convenient dashboard.

  • This feature simplifies your workflow, providing quick access to useful SEO software and applications.

20. SEO Concepts Page

  • Master SEO fundamentals with our dedicated concepts page.

  • This educational resource breaks down key SEO principles, perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

21. SEO Curated ChatGPT Prompts Page

  • Use the power of ChatGPT for SEO with custom prompts.

  • Generate content ideas, optimize for keywords, and explore new strategies.

22. 200 Ranking Factors Page

  • Stay informed about the factors that influence search engine rankings.

  • This comprehensive list helps you fine-tune your websites for optimal results.

23. Traffic Sources Page

  • Traffic opportunities with detailed insights on both organic and paid sources.

  • Make informed decisions to drive more traffic to your site.

24. Notes & Ideas

  • Write down your notes & ideas.

  • Highlight specific items, to be displayed on the dashboard for quick reference.

25. SEO Guides & Blogs

  • Learn SEO with this dedicated database of guides & blogs.

26. FAQ

  • Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

27. Bonus

  • Try a different experience with the Optimal SEO System For Notion

Whether you're refining an existing strategy or building one from scratch, this template provides the tools and insights you need to succeed.

Start now!


  • Double Your Traffic Guarantee: Double Your Traffic in 180 Days with the Complete SEO Manager or Get a 50% Refund!

Disclaimer: For personal use, not for resale purposes.

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