Company OS

Company OS

Introducing Company OS: Your Ultimate Business Management Solution on Notion

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Introducing Company OS: Your Ultimate Business Management Solution on Notion

Elevate your business management to unprecedented levels of efficiency with our Companies Operating System Template by Notion. Tailored for modern enterprises, this comprehensive template seamlessly integrates with Notion, offering a sophisticated framework to optimize your business operations.

Explore the Integrated Universe of Your Business:

Teams Management:

  • Dashboard: Real-time insights into team performance.

  • Team & Departments: Efficient organizational structure.

  • Services & Products: Comprehensive catalog management.

  • Meetings Calendar: Streamlined scheduling and coordination.

Projects Oversight:

  • Projects Manager: Comprehensive project tracking.

  • Tasks Manager: Detailed task assignments and progress monitoring.

  • Contacts & Companies: Centralized contact management.

  • OKRs Overview: Strategic goal alignment.

  • KPIs Overview: In-depth key performance indicator analysis.

Financial Control:

  • Finance Dashboard: Financial health visualization.

  • Invoicing System: Automated and professional invoicing.

  • Income & Expenses: Transparent revenue and expenditure tracking.

  • Subscriptions: Manage recurring payments seamlessly.

           Easy To Use

Sales & Marketing Optimization:

  • Sales: Sales performance analytics.

  • Proposals: Professional proposal creation and management.

  • Lead Management: Efficient lead nurturing and conversion.

  • Marketing: Comprehensive marketing campaign planning.

  • Content Manager: Organized content library for marketing assets.

            Very Practical

Resource Management:

  • Marketing Resources: Central repository for marketing assets.

  • Documents & Contracts: Secure storage and easy access to essential documents.

  • Company Resources: Organized company-related information hub.

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