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Book Tracker (Reading List Organizer)
Book Tracker (Reading List Organizer)
Book Tracker (Reading List Organizer)
Book Tracker (Reading List Organizer)

Book Tracker (Reading List Organizer)

Elevate your reading journey with Book Tracker Notion Template! Whether you're a bookworm or casual reader, this template is your perfect companion.

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This template has number of features to help you organize your reading habit and streamline your reading hours with ease.

Features included-

  • How to Use Guide: Get started effortlessly with our user-friendly guide.

  • Aesthetic Design: Enjoy a visually pleasing and functional template.

  • Set Yearly/Monthly Reading Goals: Stay motivated and track your progress.       

  • Counter Widget: Keep track of how many books you've finished with a simple click. Celebrate your reading milestones!

  • Explore Different Bookshelf Views: Find the perfect view for your literary collection.

  • Sort Books by Format: Organize your collection by paperback, e-book, and more.

  • Note Down Favorite Quotes/Learnings: Capture your favorite quotes and valuable insights within each book's dedicated page.

  • Currently Reading Book View: Easily access the book you're currently engrossed in.

  • Log Daily Reading Sessions: Create a reading log that captures your daily reading hours, helping you reflect on your progress.

  • Explore Books by Genre: Easily find books in your favorite categories.

  • Monthly Reading Log: Track your monthly reading habits.

  • Books Recommendations Page: Maintain a list of books recommended by friends and family.

  • Resources Page (BONUS): Discover online book information sites and explore a curated list of popular books from 5 different categories/genre [Total 51 Books]

    • Self-Development

    • Leadership

    • Productivity

    • Personal Finance

    • Psychology, Relationships, Thought Philosophy

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