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Top 10 Notion Event Planning Templates for Easy Organizing

April 17, 2024

Table of Contents

  1. 4-Weeks Goal Planner & Tracker

  2. Wanderlust Planner: The Ultimate Notion Travel Planner

  3. Music Festival Planner

  4. All In One Wedding Planner Notion Template 👰‍♀️

  5. Home Renovation/Moving Planner

  6. 2024 Couple's Planner

  7. Events Planner

  8. Event Planner [Christmas Aesthetic]

  9. Notion Website Template for Events

  10. Buddy Trip Planner

4-Weeks Goal Planner & Tracker

1. 4-Weeks Goal Planner & Tracker

Check out the 4-Weeks Goal Planner here!

What's in it?

  • Lists for goals and actions

  • A tracker to see how you're doing

Why it's great

  • Makes planning goals easy and clear

  • Helps you see how close you are to achieving them

  • Keeps you focused and responsible

This one's great for breaking down big tasks into smaller steps.

Wanderlust Planner

2. Wanderlust Planner: The Ultimate Notion Travel Planner

Check out the Wanderlust Planner here!

This template has everything a travel lover needs, from a dashboard to plan your trips to a journal page to keep all your memories. It's super helpful for organizing travel plans.

Music Festival Planner

3. Music Festival Planner

Check out the Music Festival Planner here!

Made for festival fans, this template helps you pack, plan your playlists, keep a journal, and track your spending. It's perfect for getting the most out of music festivals.

All In One Wedding Planner

4. All In One Wedding Planner Notion Template 👰‍♀️

Check out the All in One Wedding Planner here!

From checklists to budget trackers, this template has everything for wedding planning. It's a lifesaver for anyone getting married.

Home Renovation/Moving Planner

5. Home Renovation/Moving Planner

Check out the Home Renovation Planner here!

Great for when you're moving or renovating. It helps you keep track of tasks, budgets, and contacts.

2024 Couple's Planner

6. 2024 Couple's Planner

Check out the 2024 Couple's Planner here!

This planner helps couples organize their lives together. It's easy to use and comes with everything you need for planning as a pair.

Events Planner

7. Events Planner

Check out the Events Planner here!

An all-around planner for any event. It takes care of budgets, guests, and vendors, making sure you don't miss a thing.

Event Planner [Christmas Aesthetic]

8. Event Planner [Christmas Aesthetic]

Check out the Event Planner [Christmas Aesthetic here!]

This one's great for holiday events. It helps you keep track of tasks, guests, and RSVPs to make your holiday party a hit.

Website Template for Events

9. Notion Website Template for Events

Check out the Website Template for Events here!

Need an event website fast? This template lets you build one easily without needing to know how to code.

Buddy Trip Planner

10. Buddy Trip Planner

Check out the Buddy Trip Planner here!

Perfect for planning trips with friends. It has a checklist, a place for ideas, and even a photo memory section.

Extra Tips for Using Notion in Event Planning

Everything in One Spot: Notion lets you keep all your event details in one place, which is a game-changer. Whether it's guest lists, budgets, or schedules, it's all there. You won’t need to juggle between multiple apps or files anymore.

Fits All Kinds of Events: No matter the event, there's a way to mold these templates to fit. Customize sections to suit birthdays, weddings, corporate events, or even casual meet-ups. The flexibility means you can plan anything without feeling limited.

Teamwork Made Simple: Notion shines when it comes to teamwork. Share your template with your team and watch as everyone contributes in real-time. It's perfect for keeping everyone aligned and making collaborative decisions.

Use it Anywhere: Notion is also mobile-friendly, meaning you can update your plans while on the move. This feature is invaluable for on-site visits, last-minute changes, or just when you're away from your desk.

Add Your Own Flair: Get creative with your event planning. Customize the look of your template to match your event's theme. This not only makes planning more fun but also gives a personalized touch to your work.


Notion's templates are great for making event planning less stressful. They cover a wide range of events and keep you organized, so you can focus on making your event memorable.

Additional Insights

Budget Tracking: Budgeting is a breeze with these templates. Track every expense and income source to ensure you stay within budget. This way, you can avoid any financial surprises as the event date approaches.

Timeline Views: Visualize your planning timeline. Some templates offer timeline views, allowing you to see your progress at a glance. It’s perfect for understanding what needs to be done and by when.

Checklists and Reminders: With built-in checklists and reminders, you won't miss any crucial tasks. This feature is especially helpful when you have multiple responsibilities or are managing large-scale events.

Customizable Templates: Every event is unique, and so should be your planning tool. Modify these templates to your liking. Add new sections, remove what's unnecessary, and rearrange elements to suit your specific event planning style.

Seamless Integration: Notion integrates well with many other tools and platforms. Embed documents, link to resources, or sync with other apps. This integration makes Notion not just a planning tool but a central hub for all your event organizing needs.

Real-Time Updates: Get live updates from your team members. This feature ensures that any changes made are instantly visible to everyone. It reduces miscommunication and helps in making quick decisions.