20 Best Dark Mode Notion Templates For 2024 (Free & Paid) - Featured Image

20 Best Dark Mode Notion Templates For 2024 (Free & Paid)

April 17, 2024

Check out our top picks for Dark Mode Notion Templates for 2024.

These templates are great for anything you need, from getting organized and being more productive to taking care of your health and managing your money.

Here are the first ten templates, all set up to give you a great experience at night.

Second Brain (Dark) by Poonam Sharma

1. Second Brain (Dark) by Poonam Sharma

Get Organized with Second Brain (Dark)

Turn the mess of too much digital stuff into an organized, easy-to-use workspace with Second Brain (Dark). This template uses the PARA method to help you sort out your digital mess, making it easier to handle your projects and ideas.


  • Easier digital information organization

  • Better focus and productivity

  • Less digital mess and stress


  • Planning tools like a daily planner and habit tracker

  • Modules for setting goals and managing projects

  • A solid system for keeping important information

Start getting more out of your digital life with the Second Brain template by Poonam Sharma.

Night Time OS

2. Night Time OS by DesignzByOJ

Get More Done at Night with Night Time OS

Night Time OS is perfect for those who are more creative at night. This clear, easy-to-use template helps you manage and track your night-time tasks while making sure you still get good sleep.


  • Better productivity and focus at night

  • Less eye strain and improved sleep

  • Easier task tracking


  • Specific areas for focus with built-in task lists

  • Time tracking for better task management

  • Motivating widgets to keep you focused

Take control of your night with Night Time OS by DesignzByOJ.

Movie Night Tracker

3. Movie Night Tracker by Eden Notion

Upgrade Your Movie Nights with the Movie Night Tracker

Make your movie-watching experience better with the Movie Night Tracker. It's perfect for couples and movie fans. Plan, track, and review your movie nights easily, keeping track of your favorite films and creating memories.


  • Easier planning and tracking of movie nights

  • Better movie-watching experiences together

  • Keep track of your movie preferences and history


  • Organize movies by genre

  • Dual rating systems for joint reviews

  • Tools for planning movie nights

Turn every movie night into an event with the Movie Night Tracker by Eden Notion.

Midnight Study OS

4. Midnight Study OS by DesignzByOJ

Boost Your Late-Night Study Sessions with Midnight Study OS

Make studying late at night more productive and calm with Midnight Study OS. This template is for students and anyone studying late, helping you keep your study materials and assignments organized and focused.


  • Better focus and efficiency when studying late

  • Keep study materials and assignments organized

  • Manage your time effectively


  • Multiple views for easier multitasking

  • Central databases for assignments and notes

  • Calendar to keep track of deadlines and assignments

Improve your late-night studying with Midnight Study OS by DesignzByOJ.

Ultimate Book Tracker

5. Ultimate Book Tracker by Locominder

Keep Track of Your Reading with Ultimate Book Tracker

If you love books and want to keep everything organized, check out the Ultimate Book Tracker. It's great for keeping track of what you're reading and how far you've got in your literary adventures.


  • Keep your books organized

  • Monitor your reading habits and progress

  • Get personal insights into your reading habits


  • Sort books by categories

  • Keep track of where you are in each book

  • Log highlights and track reading goals

Dive into your books with the Ultimate Book Tracker by Locominder.

ContentOS 2.0

6. ContentOS 2.0 by OlsNotion

Step Up Your Content Game with ContentOS 2.0

Boost your content game with ContentOS 2.0. This template helps you get your content organized, track your progress, and manage your sponsorships. It's perfect for creators looking to step up their online game.


  • Easier content creation and management

  • Better planning and tracking

  • Keep track of sponsorships and collaborations


  • Easy-to-use dashboard for all your content

  • Detailed tracking for progress and milestones

  • Plan your content with effective scheduling tools

Get your content on track with ContentOS 2.0 by OlsNotion.

Meal Planner & Macro Tracker

7. Meal Planner & Macro Tracker by Matthew

Get on Top of Your Diet with Meal Planner & Macro Tracker

Make your diet easier to manage with the Meal Planner & Macro Tracker. It's designed for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their food, plan meals, track macros, and make grocery shopping simpler.


  • Easy meal planning and nutrition tracking

  • Better awareness and control of your diet

  • Simplify grocery shopping and meal prep


  • Plan meals and track macros easily

  • Keep track of what you eat every day

  • Make grocery shopping lists integrated with your meal plans

Kickstart a healthier diet with the Meal Planner & Macro Tracker by Matthew.

Finance Brain

8. Finance Brain by OlsNotion

Keep Your Finances in Check with Finance Brain

Get a handle on your money with Finance Brain. This template helps you manage your accounts, keep track of transactions, and understand where your money's going, all to help you make better financial decisions.


  • See all your financial accounts in one place

  • Automatically track transactions

  • Get clear summaries to make smart money choices


  • Manage all your accounts easily

  • Automatic recording of transactions

  • Sort expenses and income into categories

Manage your money smarter with Finance Brain by OlsNotion.

Business Hub

9. Business Hub by Hashim Sultan

Keep Your Business Organized with Business Hub

Business Hub makes it easier to handle your business tasks, projects, and client relationships all in one place. It's great for businesses, freelancers, and creators who want to keep everything organized.


  • Better management of business tasks and projects

  • Stronger client relationships and project oversight

  • All your business needs in one centralized spot


  • Keep track of tasks and projects easily

  • Manage your clients and communications

  • Tailor it to fit your business with customizable modules

Organize your business better with Business Hub by Hashim Sultan.


10. BODIOUS | Nutrition & Workouts Tracker

Make Your Fitness Goals a Reality with BODIOUS

BODIOUS helps those dedicated to fitness and nutrition keep track of their workouts, monitor what they eat, and see how their body changes, all to help meet health goals.


  • Detailed logging of workouts and food

  • Plan your exercises and meals

  • See how your body changes and progresses


  • Keep a log of your workouts and available exercises

  • Track your food and macros

  • Record body measurements and monitor changes

Boost your health and fitness with BODIOUS.

Digital Planner

11. Digital Planner by Developd

Organize Your Day Better with Digital Planner

Make your daily planning smoother with the Digital Planner by Developd. Its straightforward design and Kanban setup make planning simple, giving you different calendar views to plan everything thoroughly.


  • More organized daily planning

  • Flexible planning with Kanban and different calendar views

  • Clean, minimalist design for less distraction


  • Kanban setup for managing tasks

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views for planning

  • Sleek design for clear, focused planning

Get organized with the Digital Planner by Developd.

Monk Mode

12. Monk Mode by Liwaa

Find Serious Focus with Monk Mode

Get into deep focus and productivity with Monk Mode by Liwaa. This is for anyone wanting a big boost in self-improvement and clarity, providing structured cycles and detailed tracking.


  • Better focus and productivity

  • Clear goals and progress tracking

  • Less distraction, improved time management


  • Adjustable 21-day Monk Mode cycles

  • Tracking for projects and brain dumps

  • Goals and critical tasks tracking

Get focused with Monk Mode

Creative Idea Journal

13. Creative Idea Journal by Marcus

Boost Creativity with Creative Idea Journal

The Creative Idea Journal by Marcus is great for jotting down ideas and boosting creativity. It comes with daily prompts and an organized layout for reflecting and developing ideas.


  • More creativity and better idea capture

  • Organized daily reflection and journaling

  • Tracks habits and goals effectively


  • Inspiring daily journal prompts

  • Sections for ideas and notes

  • Custom dashboard for your own workflow

Boost your creativity with the Creative Idea Journal by Marcus.

Prioritize! Task Manager

14. Prioritize! Task Manager by Ithakka

Get Tasks in Order with Prioritize! Task Manager

Sort out and prioritize tasks effectively with Prioritize! Task Manager by Ithakka. It helps focus on what's really important using well-known methods.


  • Better task prioritization and organization

  • Use of proven focusing techniques

  • Efficient tracking of projects and tasks


  • Different methods for task prioritization

  • Central dashboard for a complete overview

  • Customizable for prioritizing tasks and projects

Prioritize effectively with Prioritize! Task Manager by Ithakka.

Minimal Workspace

15. Minimal Workspace by Poonam Sharma

Declutter Your Workspace with Minimal Workspace

Find clarity and focus with Minimal Workspace by Poonam Sharma. Aimed at those who want simplicity and efficiency, this template makes your digital environment clean and distraction-free.


  • A clean workspace for better concentration

  • Straightforward task management and scheduling

  • Simple, user-friendly dashboard

Declutter your digital area with the Minimal Workspace by Poonam Sharma.

Habit Tracker

16. Habit Tracker by Notionself

Build Better Habits with Habit Tracker

Easily form and keep track of your habits with the Habit Tracker by Notionself. Its beautiful design and clear charts make building habits fun and visible.


  • Track and form habits effectively

  • Beautiful design for clear progress charts

  • Works on mobile for updates anywhere


  • Weekly progress charts with great design

  • Sleek and clean look

  • Works in both light and dark modes

Form new habits with the Habit Tracker by Notionself.

Fitness + Weightlifting Tracker

17. Fitness + Weightlifting Tracker by Bailey

Boost Your Workout Progress with Fitness + Weightlifting Tracker

Track your gym progress easily with the Fitness + Weightlifting Tracker by Bailey. It’s made to help you organize your exercises, keep an eye on body stats, and hit your workout goals.


  • Easy tracking of workouts and body measurements

  • Personalized gym routines

  • Handy for updates right from your phone


  • Automated logs for your workouts

  • Tracking for body measurements and visual progress

  • Plan your gym sessions for better results

Step up your gym game with the Fitness + Weightlifting Tracker by Bailey.

Scrum Master Toolbox

18. Scrum Master Toolbox by Ithakka

Enhance Agile Workflows with Scrum Master Toolbox

Scrum Master Toolbox by Ithakka provides essential tools and templates for agile teams to improve productivity and collaboration.


  • Better team management and collaboration

  • Easier tracking of tasks and meetings

  • Agile-specific customizable templates


  • Quick buttons for creating databases

  • Linked modules for total team management

  • Ready-to-use meeting and risk management templates

Boost your team's agility with the Scrum Master Toolbox by Ithakka.

Content Planner Copilot

19. Content Planner Copilot by A Purple Notion

Get Your Content Together with Content Planner Copilot

The Content Planner Copilot by A Purple Notion is perfect for influencers and creators, providing structured content planning and tracking.


  • All your content plans and tracking in one place

  • Custom templates for different social media

  • Manage goals and team collaboration smoothly


  • Specific planners for various platforms

  • Keep all goals, ideas, and resources together

  • Track sponsorships and collaborations

Organize your content with the Content Planner Copilot by A Purple Notion.

Sci-Fi Life Hub & Dashboard

20. Sci-Fi Life Hub & Dashboard by Con The Notioneer

Jump Into Sci-Fi Organization with Sci-Fi Life Hub & Dashboard

Explore organization in a new way with the Sci-Fi Life Hub & Dashboard by Con The Notioneer. This fun, functional template offers a unique take on keeping your tasks and goals in order.


  • Fun sci-fi theme for organizing and planning

  • Combined task management and diary

  • Custom vision boards and habit tracking


  • Sci-fi themed homepage and diary area

  • Log for tracking tasks and objectives

  • Customizable for a unique setup

Start a new organizing adventure with the Sci-Fi Life Hub & Dashboard by Con The Notioneer.

In Conclusion

These 20 Best Dark Mode Notion Templates for 2024 are here to help you with just about anything, from organizing your day to keeping track of your health and projects.

Created by talented designers, these templates are designed to make your digital life easier and more productive.

Whether you need help with your work, your content, or your personal growth, there's something here for you.

Find the perfect template to organize your processes and improve your daily routine.