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Table of Contents

  • Investment OS

  • Notion Optimal Finance System

  • Net-Worth Tracker

  • Subscriptions

  • The Simple Finance Tracker

  • Money Management

  • Kakeibo Monthly Planner

  • Finance Hub

  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker

  • Money Management, Personal Finance Tracker


Investment OS

Investment OS ($21)

This is the go-to template for anyone looking to keep all their investments in check. It's great for monitoring how well your investments are doing and helps in making informed decisions.

Notion Optimal Finance System

Notion Optimal Finance System ($29)

Need something to track your income, expenses, and budget goals all in one place? This all-in-one template has got you covered.

Net-Worth Tracker ($7)

Keep an eye on your financial health with this straightforward net worth tracker. It's simple and does the job well.


Subscriptions ($5)

If you've got a bunch of subscriptions and find it tough to keep track, this template is perfect. Manage all your subscriptions in one spot and never miss a payment again.

The Simple Finance Tracker

The Simple Finance Tracker (Free)

Just starting out with finance tracking? This free template is ideal for a no-fuss approach to managing your money.

Money Management

Money Management ($10)

This template helps you stay organized with your finances, tracking both income and expenses effectively.

Kakeibo Monthly Planner

Kakeibo Monthly Planner (Free)

Ever heard of the Kakeibo budgeting method? It's a unique Japanese approach to saving and spending. Give it a try with this free planner.

Finance Hub

Finance Hub ($29)

For those who want a comprehensive view of their finances, from tracking to budgeting, this dashboard does it all.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Crypto Portfolio Tracker ($39)

Keeping up with cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be tricky. This tracker makes it a breeze.

Money Management, Personal Finance Tracker

Money Management, Personal Finance Tracker ($10)

A thorough solution for tracking expenses and analyzing your financial habits.