Workout Tracker 1.0

Workout Tracker 1.0

Have full control over your exercises!

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Plan your workout days & track your exercises, reps, sets, and weights all in one place.

With the ability to check off completed sets, you can track your progress & stay motivated. Plus, you can easily view an archive of all the exercises you've ever done to see your progression & plan future workouts better.


• training schedule;
• workout routines;
• workout history;
• exercises database;
• exercise groups;
• muscle group covers;
• weekly planner;
• equipments database.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting out, this workout tracker template will help you achieve your fitness #goals in no time.

Our Notion template allows you to control your exercises, muscle groups, meals, locations, etc.

Time to take your workouts to another level!

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