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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Life Planner 2.0: For Productivity and Personal Growth

  3. Ultimate Productivity System: Streamlining Work and Life

  4. Daily Organizer: Balancing Daily Activities Efficiently

  5. More Productivity Templates

    • Weekly Planner

    • Habit Tracker

    • Goal + Habit Tracker

    • Project Management

    • Personal Knowledge Hub

  6. Conclusion


Working from home has its ups and downs. Sure, it's great to skip the commute, but mixing work with personal life can be tricky. When your living room doubles as your office, it’s tough to switch off from work mode. Plus, keeping everything organized without the usual office setup is a whole other story.

That’s exactly why digital tools like Notion come in handy. Over at, we’ve got a bunch of ready-to-go Notion templates designed for people juggling work from their home spaces. These templates are like your personal organizers, helping you keep track of all the work stuff and personal tasks in one spot. They’re here to help you handle your daily chores, big projects, and personal targets without losing your mind.

By bringing these tools into your routine, you can create a virtual workspace that’s just as organized as any office out there. Notion is super versatile, perfect for anyone trying to smooth out their work process while making sure their free time is still free.

Life Planner 2.0: For Productivity and Personal Growth

life planner for notion preview

Introducing the Ultimate Life Planner 2.0 - your all-in-one Notion template for productivity and personal growth. With a range of features, it's your go-to tool to help you get organized and stay on top of your game.

Price: $10

👉🏻 Get the Life Planner 2.0 here!

Or read more about it below:

Key Features:

  1. 🎯 Goals: Set your sights high and track your journey to success.

  2. 📆 Monthly Reflection: Reflect, learn, and flourish each month.

  3. ✈️ Travel Plan: Navigate your adventures with ease.

  4. 🌟 Ikigai Template: Unearth your true purpose in life.

  5. 🧠 Brain Dump: Let your creativity flow freely.

  6. 📖 Journal: Chronicle your thoughts and memories.

  7. 🍽️ Meal Planner: Design your way to health and happiness.

  8. 🌟 Habit Tracker: Forge new habits with grace and ease.

  9. 🎥 Watchlist: Keep tabs on the must-watch list.

  10. Task List: Stay on top of your game with organized to-dos.

  11. 💆 Skincare: Master the art of self-care for glowing results.

With this template, you've got everything you need at your fingertips for a more productive and organized life. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficiency!

Ultimate Productivity System: Streamlining Work and Life

ultimate productivity system for notion preview

This meticulously designed Notion template empowers you to master every aspect of your life, from setting and tracking your goals to organizing your projects, managing your tasks, and cultivating your hobbies. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to clarity!

Price: $9

👉🏻 Check out the Ultimate Productivity System

Or read more about it below:

Key Features:

  • Goal Setting: Define your life's ambitions, categorize them, and track your progress with ease.

  • Project Management: Break down your goals into actionable projects, set deadlines, and manage your milestones effectively.

  • Task Tracking: Never miss a beat with detailed task management, priorities, and statuses.

  • Resource Repository: Store and access your resources, from books to websites, all in one place.

  • Journaling: Reflect on your journey, record your experiences, and capture valuable insights.

  • Hobbies and Routines: Cultivate a healthy work-life balance by tracking your interests and daily routines.

  • Travel Planner: Plan your adventures with precision, from itineraries to budgets.

  • Vision Board: Bring your dreams to life by visualizing your future.

  • Reading and Learning Tracker: Stay on top of your personal development journey with an organized system for reading and learning.

  • Financial Tracker: Gain financial control and insights with an in-depth tracking system.

  • Home Manager: Maintain your living space efficiently and never miss a home-related task.

  • Health and Fitness: Stay fit and healthy with a detailed health and fitness tracker.

  • Shopping List and Inventory: Manage your shopping lists and keep tabs on your inventory effortlessly.

  • Archives: Safeguard your memories and important records.

  • Contacts and Relationships: Stay connected and never forget a birthday or anniversary.

Daily Organizer: Balancing Daily Activities Efficiently

daily organizer notion template preview

Supercharge your productivity and organization with this Notion Daily Organizer Template. Stay organized, stay healthy, achieve your goals, and create a life of balance and success.

Price: Free!

👉🏻 Get the Daily Organizer here!

Or read more about it below:

Key Features:

  • Mood board

  • Tasks list catered to tasks for today, tomorrow and in the future

  • Fun widgets and notes section

More Productivity Templates

Our Productivity section offers additional templates like:

  • Weekly Planner: Ideal for planning weekly schedules.

weekly planner notion template preview

Price: $8+

👉🏻 Check the Weekly Planner here!

  • Habit Tracker: Helps improve lifestyle habits.

notion habit tracker preview

Price: Free!

👉🏻 Get the Habit Tracker here!

  • Goal + Habit Tracker: Track Goals & Habits.

invictus - goal + habit tracker notion template preview

Price: $29

👉🏻 Check the Goal + Habit Tracker here

  • Project Management: Streamlines project handling.

projects manager for notion preview

Price: $15

👉🏻 View the Project Management template

  • Personal Knowledge Hub: A digital hub for staying organized and inspired.

personal knowledge hub for notion template preview

Price: Free!

👉🏻 Take a look at the Personal Knowledge Hub

Understanding Remote Work

Remote work means different things to different people. For some, it's sitting at the dining table with a laptop. For others, it's a beachside café halfway around the world. But at its core, remote work is about flexibility and freedom. You're not tied to an office; instead, you work where and when you’re most effective. We'll explore how this flexibility can lead to personalized and efficient work environments, and how it's changing the way we think about jobs.

Benefits of Remote Working

  • No Commute: Save time and money by cutting out the daily commute.

  • Work-Life Balance: Schedule your work around your life, not the other way around.

  • Increased Productivity: Create a distraction-free zone that helps you focus better than an office might.

  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere – home, café, or abroad.

  • Custom Schedule: Work during hours when you're most productive.

  • Personalized Workspace: Set up your work area just how you like it.

Struggles of Remote Working

Struggles of Remote Working

  • Isolation: It can get lonely without coworkers around.

  • Overworking: Without a clear end to the day, you might work longer hours.

  • Distractions at Home: From laundry to Netflix, home can be full of temptations.

Navigating Remote Work Challenges

Time Management and Boundaries

  • Set specific work hours to create a routine and signal the end of the workday.

  • Use time-blocking to dedicate chunks of time to different tasks or projects.

  • Communicate your work schedule to household members to minimize interruptions.

Staying Connected

  • Schedule regular check-ins or virtual coffees with colleagues.

  • Participate in virtual team-building activities to strengthen connections.

  • Use collaboration tools and platforms to stay in sync with your team.

Taking on the Remote Work Lifestyle

Work-Life Balance

  • Clearly define "work time" and "personal time."

  • Take regular breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge.

  • Prioritize activities that make you happy and relaxed outside of work hours.

Health and Well-being desk setup

Health and Well-being

  • Set up a daily routine that includes exercise, proper meals, and enough sleep.

  • Take short breaks to stretch, move around, or step outside.

  • Stay connected with friends and family to support your mental health.

Continuous Learning and Development

  • Allocate time each week for professional development, such as online courses or webinars.

  • Set specific, achievable learning goals related to your career interests.

  • Join online communities or forums related to your field to exchange knowledge and experiences.


These Notion templates are game-changers for remote employees looking to manage their work-life balance better. By incorporating these tools into your routine, you can achieve a smoother, more organized day, every day.

Whether it’s keeping track of daily tasks, managing big projects, or ensuring personal growth, there’s a template for you.

So why wait?

Start exploring these templates today and take the first step towards a more organized, productive, and balanced life.