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Ever wondered how to spice up your Notion workspace with aesthetic icons? Look no further! In this post, we'll explore the best sources for finding free Notion icons that will take your productivity setup to the next level.

A visually appealing workspace can make a world of difference in productivity and organization.

Whether you're a Notion enthusiast or just want to add some flair to your workflow, we've got you covered. So, let's uncover the best sources for those perfect Notion icons together!

Where can I find aesthetic icons for Notion?



Icons8 offers a wide variety of icons for Notion pages. These icons are high-quality and versatile, covering a wide range of categories. Icons8 has a user-friendly interface for easy browsing and downloading of icons to use in various projects. It's a go-to resource for anyone looking for aesthetic Notion icons to enhance their workspace with eye-catching visuals.

It's all free for personal use by giving a link back to their website. While some premium visuals may be restricted to paid plans, the free plan provides ample resources for most users' needs.

Type of icons Icons8 offers:

  • Thematic icon sets, covering a wide range of categories such as business, technology, nature, and more

  • Flat, line, glyph, color, vector, and material icons

  • Emoji icons



IconScout is one more great source for finding Notion icons. They've got a huge collection of icons that you can use with all sorts of templates and projects. You can find all sorts of icons there, from simple designs to more detailed ones. It's very convenient and saves a ton of time when you need icons for your Notion pages.

Plus, they regularly update their library, ensuring you have access to the latest icon designs. Check it out if you're looking to step up your Notion game with some awesome icons!

Type of icons IconScout offers:

  • Flat icons with clean lines and vibrant colors

  • Animated icons

  • Outlined icons, featuring clear and concise designs with open paths



Prototion offers a diverse selection of icons suitable for different purposes and themes. You can easily browse through their collection and download icons to submit to your Notion workspace. It's a convenient solution for those seeking to customize your space with unique visual elements. There is no even need to download it, just click the icon to copy and paste it into your Notion page.

Type of icons Prototion offers:

  • 160+ 3D customizable Notion icons (the collection is regularly updated with new icons)



Noticons is a resource tailored for Notion users seeking icon customization. It offers an extensive collection of icons designed to improve your Notion experience. By integrating Noticons’ icons into their workspace, users can effortlessly enhance the visual appeal and organization of their Notion pages.

These icons are specifically optimized for Notion's interface, ensuring seamless integration and a polished look. Whether you're designing personal dashboards or collaborative workspaces, Noticons provides a versatile array of customizable icons to suit various Notion needs and themes.

Type of icons Noticons offers:

  • Material design icons with modern and consistent visual language for your Notion pages

  • Openmoji friendly and expressive icons

  • Phosphor icons

Icon Icons

Icon Icons

Icon Icons is one more resource you can use for getting icons for Notion. It's a website where you can find tons of different icons in various styles and categories. You can go there when you need to spruce up our Notion pages or make them more visually appealing. It's easy to navigate, and the icons are free to use, which is a huge plus.

Moreover, they regularly update their collection, so you always have fresh options to choose from.

Type of icons Icon Icons offers:

  • A wide range of categories such as technology, business, education, food, and more, catering to diverse Notion needs and themes

  • Flat, line, filled, and gradient icons, allowing for flexibility in design choices

  • Customizable icons, enabling users to adjust the colors, and sizes of icons



Heyzoish is a website where you can find a variety of icons suitable for use in Notion. It offers a wide range of icon styles and categories, making it easy to find the perfect icons to customize your Notion workspace. You can browse through different collections and download icons in various formats for your workspace.

Type of icons Heyzoish offers:

  • 100+ minimal hand-drawn Notion Icons

Notion Icons FAQ

In this part, we’ll address common questions users might have about using icons in Notion. We've covered topics like how to add icons to Notion pages, where to find them, and whether there are any limitations on their use.

Q: How do I add icons to my Notion pages?

A: Adding icons to your Notion pages is simple. Just click on the block you want to add an icon to, then click on the “Add Icon” option in the block menu. From there, you can search for the icon you want to use or upload your own to your page.

Q: Where can I find icons to use in Notion?

A: Notion provides a built-in library of icons that you can use in your pages. You can access these icons by clicking on the “Add Icon” option in the block menu and searching for the icon you want. Additionally, there are third-party websites and resources where you can find and download aesthetic icons to use in Notion, that we’ve covered above. Moreover, they also provide Notion templates, widgets, and background images to make your workflow even smoother.

Q: Are there any limitations on using icons in Notion?

A: While Notion-related sources from this post offer a wide variety of icons to choose from, there may be some limitations on their use. For example, certain icons may only be available to users with a paid subscription, or there may be restrictions on how icons can be used in certain contexts. It's always a good idea to check their terms of service and any licensing agreements associated with the icons you want to use to ensure compliance.

We've covered everything from where to get icons for Notion to using them properly and effectively on your Notion pages. Icons might seem like small details, but they can enhance the visual appeal and organization of your workspace. Whether you're using them for projects, tasks, or just to add some flair, mastering the art of icons in Notion can level up your productivity game. So, go ahead, experiment with different icons, and see how they can streamline your workflow.