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Notion Business CRM

1. Notion Business CRM

The Notion Business CRM is a good solution for tracking every aspect of your business interactions. From clients and companies to meetings and contracts, this system is your go-to for keeping everything in check. It’s especially handy for keeping track of communication history and spotting future opportunities.

Get the Notion Business CRM here!

Simple CRM notion template

2. Simple CRM

For those who appreciate minimalism, the Simple CRM is perfect. It focuses on centralized client management and makes adding new clients a breeze. Its seamless integration of meeting notes and opportunity tracking is a boon for efficiency.

Get the Simple CRM here!

crm tracker

3. CRM Tracker

The CRM Tracker is made for sales professionals. It improves your sales process by managing contacts, projects, and your sales pipeline in a comprehensive manner.

Get the CRM Tracker here!

Free Notion CRM

4. Free Notion CRM

Looking for a free solution? The Free Notion CRM is your best choice. It’s a straightforward, no-cost solution for managing the customer lifecycle. From tracking leads to nurturing relationships, it covers all the basics.

Get the Free Notion CRM here!

Ultimate Business CRM

5. Ultimate Business CRM

The Ultimate Business CRM can manage your projects, contacts, tasks, and meetings, making your professional life more organized and productive. A good choice for Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Content Creators, and Entrepreneurs.

Get the Ultimate Business CRM here!

Business CRM

6. Business CRM

The Business CRM is a tool that can support the growth of your business. It assists in managing customer information, tasks, sales, and client pipelines, ensuring a robust and healthy customer relationship.

Notion Personal CRM

7. Notion Personal CRM

Networking and personal connection management is made easy with the Notion Personal CRM. This template is designed to keep your contacts organized and improve your networking tasks.

Get the Notion Personal CRM here!

The Ultimate CRM

8. The Ultimate CRM

The Ultimate CRM by Felix Digital Stash is one of the best CRM solutions. It features a central dashboard, multiple databases, and even a finance tracker. Get it down below.

Get the Ultimate CRM here!

Decoding CRMs

CRMs are like mission control for all your customer interactions, from first contact to ongoing conversations. Notion, stepping up as an alternative, offers customizable CRM setups, unlike traditional software.

Customize Your CRM

Notion stands out for its flexibility. Its templates let you tweak things to match your groove, unlike rigid CRM software.

Benefits of Notion's CRM

- Save Cash: Notion templates often cost less than traditional CRM subscriptions, sometimes even free.

- Stay Tidy: Notion naturally keeps all your customer info in one spot, like contact details, past chats, and tasks.

- Smooth Teamwork: With Notion, your team can all jump in and update customer info simultaneously, perfect for sales and marketing teams.

- Boost Productivity: Notion streamlines tasks, sets reminders, and manages customer relationships all in one place.

- Grow Seamlessly: As your business expands, your Notion CRM can grow with it, adding new features as needed.

In Short

Notion's CRM templates give you a flexible and cost-effective way to manage your customer relationships. Customize it to your liking and watch your business relationships thrive.