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The 10 Best Notion Second Brain Templates (2024)

April 17, 2024

Life's pretty hectic these days, isn't it?

Trying to stay on top of work, keeping things organized, and looking after yourself can feel like a lot.

Good thing there are these Notion templates called Second Brains.

They're making it easier to handle everything life throws at you.

These templates are going to help you get through your day, keep your projects in check, and just manage life better.

Second Brain Notion Templates

second brain

1. Second Brain

Improve your productivity with the Second Brain template, which leverages the GTD and PARA methodologies to offer a system for managing every facet of your work and life.

Experience benefits like:

  • Unified Task and Project Management: Organize your workflow by managing tasks, notes, projects, and more in a single, integrated system.

  • Information Retrieval: Organize your knowledge and resources in a way that makes retrieval effortless, improving productivity and learning.

Second Brain 2.0 🧠

2. Second Brain 2.0 🧠

Up your organizational game with Second Brain 2.0, offering premium features designed to keep structuring your life and increasing productivity.

Key offerings include:

  • Exclusive Financial and Resource Tracking: Manage your finances with the included Finance Brain and keep track of learning with comprehensive book and resource trackers.

  • Customizable Themes: Choose from themes inspired by popular culture to personalize your productivity experience.



Harness the power of the PARA methodology and Second Brain principles to efficiently manage tasks, knowledge, and responsibilities.

This template excels with:

  • Organization: Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives are neatly categorized for maximum efficiency and ease of access.

  • Idea Capturing and Processing: Never lose a fleeting thought or idea with a dedicated capture table and integrated task management.

Notion Second Brain for 2024

4. Notion Second Brain for 2024

Prepare to make 2024 your most organized and productive year yet with Notion Second Brain. This all-in-one system is designed to organize your life's complexities, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Enjoy features like:

  • Life Dashboard: A unified view of your tasks, projects, and goals ensures you stay on track and focused.

  • Goal and Progress Tracking: Set ambitious goals and track your progress with visual cues and progress bars, keeping you motivated throughout the year.

Notion Second Brain

5. Notion Second Brain

Get your life totally sorted with Notion Second Brain. It's not just about keeping you organized, it's about improving your creativity and making sure you're on top of everything—from big projects to daily tasks. It's like having a personal assistant that's always on its game.


  • Quick Capture: Snag tasks, ideas, and notes as they come to you with Quick Capture.

  • Tasks: Keep your projects on track with simple task management that lets you prioritize, schedule, and check off your to-dos.

  • Life Ordering: Bring order to your chaos by organizing everything into areas of your life, making sure you're focusing on what matters.

  • Central Dashboard: Have a single spot for all your notes and resources, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

  • Weekly Clean-Up: Get ready for the week ahead with a system designed to clear out the clutter.

Second Brain 1.0

6. Second Brain 1.0

Boost your productivity with Second Brain 1.0. This template is all about helping you manage everything that's going on in your life, from the small tasks to the big goals.


  • Navigating: With a clear navigation bar, you can jump to any part of your life plan without hassle.

  • Goals: Track your progress towards your dreams with a dedicated goals tracker.

  • Habits: Keep an eye on your daily habits to make sure you're building the right ones.

  • Book Worm: Love reading? There's an advanced book tracker for all your literary adventures.

  • Journaling: Capture your thoughts and reflections with daily journals.

Second Brain 1.0 with PARA

7. Second Brain 1.0 with PARA

This version of Second Brain takes organizing up a notch with the PARA method—Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives—ensuring you've got a handle on every part of your life. It's not only helpful keeping things tidy, but also about making your information work for you.


  • Project Pro: Stay on top of every project with clear goals and deadlines.

  • Area Attention: Keep track of the different areas of your life that need your focus.

  • Resources: Organize all your go-to materials in one place, whether it's for work, study, or personal growth.

  • Archive Access: Keep old projects and info out of the way but still within reach.

  • Idea Inbox: Dump your ideas in one place so you can sort through them later.

Notion · Building a Second Brain by Uri

8. Notion · Building a Second Brain by Uri

This template has got everything you need to create tasks, manage projects, and organize your notes in a way that makes sense for you. Plus, it uses the PARA method to keep everything clean and structured.


  • Tasks: Create tasks with all the bells and whistles—sub-tasks, recurring tasks, you name it.

  • Notes: Keep your notes organized and easy to find, whether they're quick thoughts or deep dives.

  • Projects: See everything about your project in one place, from tasks to related notes.

  • PARA Method: Use the PARA method to keep your workspace super organized and focused.

Life Hub: The Ultimate Second Brain Life OS

9. Life Hub: The Ultimate Second Brain Life OS

Life Hub can work as your all-in-one command center for personal productivity and wellness. This template ensures you stay on top of every life aspect, from productivity to health, in a integrated and visualized manner.

Advantages include:

  • All-encompassing Life Management: Whether it's work, personal health, or hobbies, Life Hub offers the tools to manage it all in one unified space.

  • Seamless Organization: Enjoy a clutter-free life with a template that organizes tasks, notes, and projects, making everything you need easily accessible.

Notion My Life OS - Second Brain

10. Notion My Life OS - Second Brain

Ever wish you had a second brain to keep track of everything? Well, here’s the next best thing. This template helps you manage everything from your finances to your daily tasks and projects, all in one spot.


  • Financial Management: Keep an eye on your money, tracking income and expenses by category.

  • Project and Task Management: Sort out all your projects and tasks, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Contact Organization: Keep your contacts sorted and easy to find, complete with all the details you need.

  • Habit Tracking: See how you’re doing with forming new habits and sticking to them.

  • Resource Central: Organize all your resources, whether they're books, websites, or anything else, in one place.

  • Goal Achievement: Set and manage your goals, keeping track of your progress along the way.

Why These Templates Are Handy

Life's busy, right? You've got tons to remember and manage, from daily tasks and deadlines to personal goals.

It can feel like you're trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning.

These Notion templates are here to help catch those plates before they crash.

They organize your stuff so you can breathe easier.

Why Use Notion for All This?

Notion is like that tool in your drawer that can fix just about anything. It lets you create what you need, whether it's lists, databases, or trackers, all in one app. Its clean look makes you want to use it, making organizing a bit more fun.

Why Second Brain Templates in Notion Are Awesome

Putting your life into these Notion templates is a smart move. Here's why they're so good:

  • Everything's in One Spot: Forget about using a bunch of different apps. With these templates, you've got one place for everything.

  • Make It Yours: Notion lets you tweak these templates so they fit just right for you, whether you're studying, freelancing, or just trying to keep up with day-to-day stuff.

  • See It All Clearly: Having a clear view of your tasks and goals makes everything less overwhelming. You know exactly what you're dealing with.

Extra Benefits

  • Stay Focused: With your life sorted in one place, it's easier to see what needs your attention and get it done.

  • Track Your Wins: There's something super satisfying about ticking off tasks or leveling up in your gamified life tracker. It keeps you going.

  • Change It Up: As your life changes, so can your Notion setup. These templates can grow and change with you.

Get the Most Out of Your Notion Templates

  • Customize for Your Needs: Make the templates work for you by tweaking them to fit your personal or professional life.

  • Integrate with Other Tools: Learn how to integrate Notion with other tools and apps you use for a more seamless workflow.

  • Stay Consistent: The true value of these templates comes with regular use. Make checking and updating your Notion a daily habit.

Questions and Answers

1. Can I share these templates with others? Totally! Notion makes sharing easy, so you can help friends or family get their stuff organized too.

2. Is it tough to get started with these templates? Nope. They're pretty much ready to use, but you can play around and customize them as much as you want. If you're new to Notion, there might be a bit to learn, but it's well worth it.

3. What if I need to add something new to the template? That's the beauty of Notion, you can add whatever you need. The templates are just your starting point.

4. Do I have to pay to use Notion? Notion has a free plan that's pretty great for getting started. If you find yourself needing more features, they have paid plans too.