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Hey! Matt here.

I'm going to walk you through 10 Notion Templates for YouTubers.

Table Of Contents

  • Why Notion Templates For YouTubers?

  • Check The Templates

  • More Benefits

    • Workflow

    • Saving Time

    • Content Strategy

    • Collaboration

    • Customizable

  • Conclusion

Why Notion Templates For YouTubers?

Now, if you're managing everything as a YouTuber, you've probably found it difficult to keep everything simple.

Making videos is not all there is, there's handling your ideas, content, working with others, and running your business as well.

That's where Notion comes in - a tool that can improve the way you organize your YouTube channel.

Check The Templates

Notion Freelancer Hub

1. Notion Freelancer Hub

This template is a lifesaver for managing your freelancing side of YouTube. It's got everything - a Project Hub, Client Portal, Invoicing & Finance Tracker, and a Sales CRM. It's like having a personal assistant who never takes a break.

Get this Notion Freelancer Hub now!

Content Planner 2.0

2. Content Planner 2.0

Especially great for newbies, this content planner helps manage sponsorships, ideas, and progress charts, keeping everything neat and tidy. Say goodbye to scattered post-it notes and hello to organization.

Get this Content Planner 2.0 now!

Notion Freelancer Board

3. Notion Freelancer Board

This all-in-one template covers project management, finance tracking, meetings, and more. It's perfect for freelancers juggling multiple aspects of their business. Everything you need is in one spot, so you can focus on what you love – creating content.

Get this Notion Freelancer Board now!

4. Content Planner Copilot

Tailor-made for content creators, it includes post planners and templates for major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This is your roadmap to planning and executing top-notch content.

Get this Content Planner Copilot now!

Content Creator's OS

5. Content Creator's OS

This planner is a content creator's dream. It's got a Platform Database, Idea Vault, and even a Goals & Milestones Tracker. It's the perfect tool to keep your content journey on track.

Get this Content Creator's OS now!

Client Portal

6. Client Portal

Ideal for managing projects and streamlining tasks. It's got everything from a Clients Database to a Task Manager. It makes handling client projects a breeze.

Get this Client Portal now!

Influencer Outreach Planner

7. Influencer Outreach Planner

This template is a game-changer for managing influencer campaigns. With its detailed Influencer Database and Outreach Tracker, you'll be networking and collaborating like a pro.

Get this Influencer Outreach Planner now!

Notion Content Hub

8. Notion Content Hub

This is your centralized system for content creation. It offers a custom content board, a master content calendar, and more. It's perfect for staying on top of your social media strategy.

Get this Notion Content Hub now!

Intranet OS

9. Intranet OS

Keep your team updated with this simple yet effective Intranet OS. It's perfect for managing goals, projects, events, and news. A great way to help with unity and fueling innovation in your team.

Get this Intranet OS now!

Free AI Tools for Stunning Images, Videos, and Audio

10. Free AI Tools for Stunning Images, Videos, and Audio

This template has over 50 free AI tools to improve your content. Whether it's images, videos, or audio, these tools will make your creative output better and easier.

Get these Free AI Tools for Stunning Images, Videos, and Audio now!

YouTube Creator Checklist With SEO

11. YouTube Creator Checklist With SEO

A complete checklist for YouTubers.

You get step-by-step guides for each stage:

- Pre-Production: Plan your video, from brainstorming ideas to scripting.

- Production: Details on filming, like setting up your camera and lighting.

- Post-Production: How to edit your footage, add music, and finalize your video.

- Upload and Promotion: Tips on how to share your video and get viewers.

- Analytics and Improvement: Using YouTube data to improve your future videos.

Get the YouTube Creator Checklist here!

More Benefits


You can get access to a workflow that makes everything super simple.

No more stressing about certain video ideas, not publishing on time, feeling like an imposter etc.

Using a Notion template for YouTubers can litteraly save you so much drama, it's insane.

You should've started yesterday ;)

Saving Time

Save time, not only by having everything in one central place. But also because you can automate things like posting layouts/structures, so you make it once and don't have to think about it again.

Content Strategy

Develop a customized strategy for planning your videos.

Having a clear calendar view & tasks all in one, makes this even better.


Are you working with someone?

You can invite anyone to your template with a click of a button.

Invite them to the whole template, or only give them access to specific pages.


It's all customizable, from the layouts to the covers to the structure.

Ofcourse a template is designed to be used in a way that's in most cases fast, easy & without clutter.

But there's always the small little things that you might want to change.


So, I would suggest just getting started with one template.

See how far you get with it, and try it out for a while.

Remember to change things up if you feel you're not making progress.

That's all for now!

Have a good one!

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