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10 Aesthetic Notion Daily Planner Templates [2024]

April 17, 2024

2024 has arrived, and it's the perfect time to organize our days with flair. We've selected 10 awesome Notion daily planner templates that are both stylish and incredibly useful. These templates cater to all preferences and planning requirements, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Table of Contents

  1. Aesthetic Daily Planner Plus

  2. Aesthetic 9-5 Daily Planner

  3. Beginner-Friendly Aesthetic Daily Planner

  4. Aesthetic Life Planner

  5. Aesthetic Daily Notion Planner

  6. 2024 Aesthetic Life Planner

  7. Aesthetic Minimal Life Planner

  8. Aesthetic Personal Planner

  9. Aesthetic Planners

  10. Aesthetic Notion Couple Planners

Daily Planner Plus

1. Daily Planner Plus

This is your all-in-one planner for keeping track of everything from your mood to your to-do list.

It assists you in:

  • Visualizing your daily priorities

  • Tracking your habits

  • Recording your daily moods

  • Organizing and managing your tasks effortlessly

  • Helps you capture journal entries during in the morning as well as in the evening.

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9-5 Daily Planner

2. 9-5 Daily Planner

Got a busy workday? This simple planner helps you juggle all your tasks and even reflect on your day.


  • To-Do List, Time Blocking and Reflection Daily Planner

  • Daily Entry Database with simple archiving

  • Help resources available inside the template

Get the 9-5 Daily Planner here!

Beginner-Friendly Daily Planner

3. Beginner-Friendly Aesthetic Daily Planner

This one's great if you're just getting started with planning. It covers everything from daily chores to meal plans.

Routine Overview

  • What are the daily chores you do in the morning, afternoon and at night?

  • Would you like to change something about your daily routines?

  • Do you wonder why you don’t have the time for your hobbies?

  • You can breakdown your daily chores according to time frames to get an overview how to spend and save your time better.

Task List + Calendar

  • What about the tasks you have to do today or is due tomorrow?

  • The checklist is made for immediate tasks that you want to see popping on your planner so that you do not miss out.

  • Do not feel shy to mark it RED, if it is too urgent.

Month Overview + Calendar

  • The month overview contains checklists broken down into weeks.

  • You can mark the upcoming tasks beforehand to stay prepared.

  • Do not forget to add your weekend parties as well!

  • You also get a calendar in case you want to add more details to the tasks in the form of pages.

Meal Plan Ideas + Table

  • This includes:

    • List to dump your breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas

    • Table where you can track your meal plan for the week

    • A grocery list to track the items you require for your meals

Journal + Vent Corner

  • This space is dedicated for you to know yourself better

  • You can describe your mood, write about the best versions of yourself, and where you can improve

  • You can get an overview of your financial, health, and career goals in a year broken down into a week, a month, 6 months and a year

  • Tip: You can add a page for each goal and describe your goals in detail

  • Had a bad day? The Vent Corner is made for your low times, when you want to get something out of your mind. Take the time to express whatever you want. Then, recognise the red flags, define the source of your problem, and think about the next step

Get the Beginner-Friendly Daily Planner here!

Life Planner

4. Life Planner

Keep all your projects and tasks in check with this planner. It's like having a personal assistant online.


  • quick capture section for tasks and notes

  • databases for projects, tasks, notes, areas/resources

  • automated archive databases

  • project progress tracker

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Daily Notion Planner

5. Aesthetic Daily Notion Planner

This planner is all about making your everyday planning simple and straightforward.

Organize your everyday life effortlessly with this daily planner.

Get the Daily Notion Planner here!

2024 Minimal Life Planner

6. 2024 Minimal Life Planner

This planner is packed with pages for planning every aspect of your life, from day-to-day tasks to long-term goals.

Key features

  • 500+ pages of planners, trackers, and reflections

  • Dated pages for days, weeks, and months ready to use

  • Covers from December 2023 to December 2024

  • Easily link all your pages for quick access

  • Designed for simplicity and ease of use

Get the 2024 Minimal Life Planner here!

Minimal Life Planner

7. Minimal Life Planner

It's a cool planner that helps you keep track of everything, from what you're eating to what you're spending.

Key Features:

  • Weekly Tasks: Now manage all your weekly priorities with the new section for weekly tasks. Easily subdivide your goals into more manageable sections that are set by dividing your commitments and aspirations into more concrete steps.

  • Daily Routines: Cultivate success through consistent habits with the Daily Routines feature.

  • Calendar: Add your schedule right to the Calendar feature. Add all appointments, deadlines for project work, and class events from one central location so you are never caught off your 'A' game.

  • "Brain Dump Sticky Notes": Capture thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that might be lost to time, never letting any great concept be missed because of the chaos of life.

  • Meal Planner: Organize your weekly meals to nourish your body with delicious and balanced meals.

  • Personal Budget: Take control of your finances with the Personal Budget section.

  • Snapshots: Capture moments, achievements, and memorable experiences with your favourite pictures.

  • Goals Tracker: Turn your dreams into reality with Goals Tracker.

  • Set clear goals, track progress, and keep yourself motivated as you pursue your biggest dreams.

  • Journal + Habit Tracker: Develop self-reflection and personal growth by pairing the Journal with a Habit Tracker. Chronicle your thoughts, accomplishments, and hurdles while building positive habits for a fuller life.

Get the Minimal Life Planner here!

Personal Planner

8. Personal Planner for Notion

This one helps you organize your day, track your to-dos, and even keep a journal.


To-Do List: Jot down what you need to do today. It'll help you sort out the important stuff and finish your tasks.

Journal: Spend at least a few minutes each day writing what goes through your head and what happens. It's really good for getting your head clear and figuring yourself out.

Eating Plan: Watch what you’re eating to keep it healthy. It’s all about keeping yourself in good shape. Workout Plan: All these with the target of helping you reach your target exercise. Plans and organizes your daily exercises; track your exercising progress.

And more!

Get the Personal Planner here!


9. Planners for Notion

It's a bunch of planners rolled into one, perfect for sorting out your daily, weekly, and monthly stuff.

What you get:

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planners

Goal Setting

Note Taking


Simple Design

Get the Planners here!

Notion Couple Planners

10. Notion Daily Planner for Couples

These planners are perfect for couples who want to plan their days together.

Features Breakdown:

  • Calendar: Keep your life organized with views for both the month and week. Easily pop in and monitor all your appointments, special occasions, and key dates.

  • Daily Goals: Start each day with clear priorities. Jot down your main objectives to keep focused, driven, and on track.

  • Task List: Manage your daily duties. Break them into doable segments, keep an eye on your progress, and tick them off as you go.

  • Errands Tracker: Stay on top of your outside-the-house chores. This keeps you neat and orderly, even when you’re on the move.

  • Quick Checklist: Whip up a fast list of urgent day-to-day items. It’s perfect for making sure nothing slips through the cracks, like your daily errands or shopping needs.

  • Brain Dump: Dump all your swirling thoughts, ideas, and reminders here. It's your personal space to declutter your mind and avoid feeling swamped.

  • Daily Routine: Set up and stick to a daily schedule that supports balance and wellness. Map out your morning routines, work blocks, self-care time, and evening unwinding.

  • Work Schedule: Track your work hours, meetings, and critical deadlines. Keep a crystal-clear view of your job responsibilities.

  • Prep for Tomorrow: Get a jump on tomorrow by noting down crucial tasks, appointments, and objectives ahead of time. Keep yourself one step ahead and ready for what’s next.

Get the Notion Couple Planners here!

Why Plan Your Day with Notion

The Magic of Notion’s Customization

What sets Notion apart is its adaptability to your personal style. Everyone's unique, and Notion embraces that by allowing you to:

  • Customize its appearance to suit your taste.

  • Rearrange components according to your workflow.

  • Color-code your tasks for better organization.

It's essentially a planner that molds perfectly to your routine.

All Your Things, One Location

Life's various aspects – work, personal goals, health, etc. – can get overwhelming. That’s where Notion planners help by:

  • Providing a single platform to manage all your activities.

  • Serving as a central hub for your daily tasks.

  • Ensuring you stay on top of everything without missing a beat.

Simplified Focus and Productivity

Maintaining focus and productivity can be daunting. Notion planners alleviate this by:

  • Clarifying your daily tasks and deadlines.

  • Eliminating the guesswork on what to tackle next.

  • Organizing your to-do list to enhance efficiency.

Reflecting for Personal Growth

Taking time to reflect is key for growth. These planners support this by:

  • Offering spaces for daily or weekly reflections.

  • Allowing you to track moods and achievements.

  • Helping you identify what's working and what needs improvement.

Accessibility and Collaboration

Notion’s online platform enhances its utility by:

  • Letting you access your planner from anywhere, at any time.

  • Enabling easy sharing with family or team members.

  • Facilitating better coordination and collaboration.

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Starting Out with Your Notion Templates

Here's the lowdown on getting started:

  • Choose Your Template: Grab one that fits your daily grind.

  • Customize It: Make it feel like yours by tweaking the setup.

  • Populate It: Fill in your daily tasks and what’s on for the week.

  • Update Regularly: Cross off done deals and slot in new tasks as they pop up.

Tips for Nailing Your Daily Plan

  • Keep your daily targets realistic.

  • Figure out what needs to be done first.

  • Give your plan a once-over now and then to keep it fresh.

  • Use the Notion app to stay clued in when you're out and about.

Making Your Notion Planner Tick

Here's how to really get your Notion planner buzzing:

  • Find Your Fit: Start with something that matches your needs and tweak from there.

  • Spruce It Up: Add neat extras like checklists, weather snaps, or your favorite tunes to jazz things up.

  • Style It Up: Use colors, fonts, and images that make you smile and want to check in often.

  • Team Up: Share your planner with your squad or family to keep everyone in the loop.

Integrating Notion with Other Applications

Boost your planner by syncing it with other apps:

  • Combine Calendars: Link your planner to your calendar for a unified view of your schedule.

  • Organize Your Workflow: Hook Notion up with your other apps to minimize the hassle of switching between them.

  • Automate with Ease: Set up automations using platforms like Zapier to streamline your tasks and save time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Notion

Got questions? Here are some common ones about Notion:

  • Cross-Platform Use: Yep, you can access Notion across various devices, and your data syncs up automatically.

  • Security: Notion is on the ball with keeping your data protected.

  • Easy Transition: Shifting your stuff into Notion is usually a breeze, particularly from other applications.

  • Pricing: Notion offers a free version, but for extra bells and whistles, there are paid options.

Wrapping Up

There you go! A Notion daily planner is more than a simple to-do list; it’s about crafting an organized, streamlined system that aligns with your lifestyle. It's about staying focused, achieving personal growth, and customizing your planning experience.

Look into these top 10 templates and start shaping your daily planning to be fun, efficient, and uniquely yours.